I took a picture of Purgatory while collecting 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba' stamps and crossed the Ariake Sea by ferry.

If you go to the target stations scattered all over Kyushu, you can get stamps of the characters of '

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba ', or you can take a picture with the characters displayed by reading the AR marker. It started in October of the year.

Participate in this stamp rally with the concept of traveling while looking at the scenery from the train window rather than speedrun . The trip from Kumamoto to Aso and Oita, and then from Beppu to Bungomori and Hita , starting from Misumi Station in Kumamoto Prefecture, was the second morning of my stay in Hakata. The second day will start from the place where you will head to Hakozaki Station, where the flame pillar, Purgatory Anjuro is waiting.

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◆ Saturday, October 3, 2020 6:00: Nakasu Kawabata Station → Hakozaki Station
Since the accommodation on the previous day was closer to Nakasu Kawabata Subway Station than Hakata Station, I decided to take the subway route and walk to the target station, Hakozaki Station, via Hakozaki Shrine. Subway movement is like this.

First, take the Fukuoka Municipal Subway Hakozaki Line to Hakozakimiya-mae Station.

When you take Exit 1, you will find

Hakozaki Shrine, which is also the origin of the station name.

Although Hakozaki Shrine itself has nothing to do with 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba', the 'enemy country surrender' displayed at the gate is quite impressive. It is said that this biane is a copy of Emperor Kameyama's Shinkan.

It is a little over 10 minutes walk to JR Hakozaki Station via Hakozaki Shrine.

Arrived at Hakozaki Station without any difficulty.

Check in and get the 1st and 8th stamps today, Homura Pillar, Purgatory Anjuro.

Finally, I had a chance to calmly shoot the poster of the AR photo spot. The poster is affixed next to the ticket gate.

When I read the poster with the app 'COCOAR2', the AR character is displayed ... It should have been, but I got an error saying that it was out of the area.

When I restarted the app and read the poster again, Mr. Purgatory appeared on the screen. As it is, you can take pictures with Purgatory in various places. However, once you go to sleep or close the app, the character display disappears. In addition, the app has a function to redisplay the contents read in the past, but since the display from the history is limited for this character, you need to read the poster again if you want to display it again.

The next destination is Sasebo Station. Once you move to Hakata Station, take the 'Limited Express Midori No. 1' from Hakata Station.

The movement route looks like this.

Breakfast on the move. I hadn't eaten anything from the ice cream I ate in 'Yufuin no Mori' the day before, so I had a chicken nanban bento with something to fill my stomach.

After a while after eating the lunch box, it stopped at Futsukaichi Station. The closest station to Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine for JR.

There is a Kamado Shrine in Dazaifu City, which is said to be the sacred place of the 'Devil's Blade', but it is difficult to move from Futatsuichi Station, so those who boarded the

Dazaifu City Community Bus Mahoroba from Nishitetsu Tofurou Station, Gojo Station, Dazaifu Station Is better.

'Midori No. 1' goes further south, leaves Kagoshima Main Line from Tosu Station, and enters Nagasaki Main Line.

The elevated train that you can see past Tosu Station is that of the Kyushu Shinkansen, and Shin-Tosu Station is located at the intersection of the Nagasaki Main Line and the Kyushu Shinkansen.

'Midori No. 1' runs fast on the Nagasaki Line. On the way, you can see the Yoshinogari ruins on the right side of the direction of travel.

A rice field spreads out on the left hand side in the direction of travel.

I left Hakata station and arrived at Saga station in 45 minutes.

At Hizen-Yamaguchi Station, there is a branch from the Nagasaki Main Line, and you will enter the Sasebo Line. Double tracking work was being carried out on the way to Sasebo. This is a maintenance that coincides with the opening of the Kyushu Shinkansen Nagasaki route (West Kyushu route).

At Takeo Onsen Station, an elevated Shinkansen platform and platform were under construction next to the Sasebo Line platform.

When you exit Takeo Onsen Station, the Shinkansen will leave the Sasebo Line and tunnel through the mountains toward Omura City.

It takes 50 minutes from Takeo Onsen and 2 hours from Hakata to reach Sasebo.

Quick GPS check-in.

Today I got the 2nd and 9th stamps, the sound pillar and Umeda Tengen.

◆ October 3, 2020 (Sat) 9:27: Sasebo Station
I found a poster on the wall of the Midori no Madoguchi outside the ticket gate.

I immediately called Mr. Umeda.

Mr. Uzu alongside the Sasebo Burger Boy on the premises of Sasebo Station.

Mr. Uzu standing in Sasebo Port.

From Sasebo Station, aim for the next target station, Isahaya Station, along Omura Bay.

When I returned to the ticket gate looking for the next train, I found a poster next to the escalator at Platforms 1 and 2. In other words, at Sasebo Station, you can read the AR marker without leaving the ticket gate.


Matsuura Railway also runs at Sasebo Station, and you can head toward Hirado and Imari.

It is this rapid seaside liner to get on. It connects Sasebo and Nagasaki in about 2 hours.

From Sasebo Station, return to the Sasebo Line that you have been running, and enter the Omura Line from Haiki Station. After leaving Haiki Station, you will see

Huis Ten Bosch on the right side of the direction of travel. A huge building suddenly appears in the idyllic seaside scene, so it is quite an impact.

The Omura Line runs along Omura Bay, and there are many spectacular views both in front and on the right side in the direction of travel.

Eventually, the elevated Shinkansen will approach from the left side in the direction of travel. I had the impression that the elevated tracks in Omura city were almost completed.

I arrived at Isahaya station from Sasebo station in 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The stop at the platform over there is for Sasebo.

At Isahaya Station, you can get a stamp of Kasumi Pillar and Tokito Muichiro.

One of the posters for the AR photo spot was found at the V-Varen Nagasaki corner at the entrance of the ticket gate.

The other is outside the ticket gate, where you could take AR photos without getting on the JR train.

◆ October 3, 2020 (Sat) 11:30: Isahaya Station
The remaining four target stations are Mojiko Station, Ibusuki Station, Kirishima Jingu Station, and Miyakonojo Station. There was a way to go from Hakozaki station to Mojiko station in the morning and then move to Sasebo, but since the round-trip section will be long, I will postpone Mojiko station to avoid it. I am doing it.

For this reason, we will move to Kagoshima, which is the base for moving to Minamikyushu the next day. There are multiple candidates for this travel route, and the fastest way to get back from Isahaya to Shin-Tosu and board the Kyushu Shinkansen is to travel within 3 hours.

However, since there are many parts that overlap with the route that has already been moved, when I searched for another candidate, I discovered the existence of a ferry that crosses Ariake Bay from the Shimabara Peninsula. One is connecting the Tyra Port and Choshu Port

ferry Ariake , and one Shimabara Port and connecting Kumamoto Port Kumamoto ferry - nine quotient ferry . This time, I decided to board the Kumamoto Ferry from Shimabara Port from the front and rear connections.

Travel to Shimabara by Shimabara Railway .

The route looks like this.

Shimabara Railway Isahaya Station is adjacent to JR Isahaya Station.

The inside of the car was crowded, and some people stood in the aisle without being able to sit down. I will drive in Isahaya city area for a while. As if you pass through the city, the farmland will expand.

In addition, the coastline is near, and there are places that run near Isahaya Bay.

I will not board this time, but Tahira Station is the closest station to Tahira Port where the Ariake Ferry leaves.

It is also the closest station to Kunimi High School, which is known as a soccer powerhouse.

I will go around the seaside of the Shimabara Peninsula.

Arrived at Shimabara Port Station, the final stop, in about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Isahaya Station. The train is already displayed as a return bound for Shimabara Funatsu.

Until the end of March 2008, the line extended from Shimabara Port Station to Kazusa Station.

It is a 200m walk from Shimabara Port Station to the port.

You shouldn't get lost on almost one straight road.

There was a train / bus / ferry timetable display at the ferry terminal. A display board that lists the departure times of multiple modes of transportation is quite valuable.

This is the Kumamoto Ferry's Ocean Arrow. It connects Shimabara and Kumamoto in 30 minutes, and the fare is 1100 yen.

If you depart from Shimabara Port, you can purchase a 'Tsukitori Ticket' that includes a bus ticket from Kumamoto Port to the city for 1,400 yen. The bus fare is 450 yen to Kumamoto station, so it's better to buy this set.

The movement route is like this.

The inside of the ship looks like this.

The front is a special seat that requires 400 yen per person in addition to the fare.

There are seats on the second floor, but it is not possible to see forward.

While waiting for departure, Kyusho Ferry, which operates the same route, started. The Kyusho Ferry takes 60 minutes, which is twice as long as the Kumamoto Ferry, but the fare is as low as 890 yen. In addition, there is a shuttle bus at Kumamoto Port, so if cost is important, Kyusho Ferry is better.

Ten minutes after the departure of Kusho Ferry, Kumamoto Ferry Ocean Arrow will also depart.

Kumamoto Ferry Ocean Arrow Departs Shimabara Port-YouTube

Unzendake rises behind.

Slow down on the ferry for a while. In addition to light meals and drinks, 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba' stuffed animals were also sold at the shop.

On the way, Kumamoto Ferry catches up with and overtakes the preceding Kusho Ferry.

Kumamoto Ferry Ocean Arrow Overtakes Kusho Ferry-YouTube

Kumamoto Ferry Ocean Arrow pulls Kyusho Ferry backwards-YouTube

When I did this, I could see the land in front of me.

Arrived safely at Kumamoto Port.

From the ferry terminal at Shimabara Port, most of the hull was hidden and invisible because the boarding passage crossed in front of the anchored ship, but it can be seen well at Kumamoto Port.

From here, you can take the Sanko Bus route bus to Kumamoto Station or Sakuramachi Bus Terminal.

There is a free shuttle bus on the Kyusho Ferry, so you don't have to take a fixed-route bus. Due to the work inside Kumamoto Port on that day, the operation was slowed down in the second half, and as a result, the Kyusho Ferry + Shuttle Bus headed for Kumamoto Station earlier. That is also the case during the trip.

After waiting about 20 minutes after arriving at the port, the bus arrived.

About 30 minutes by bus, I could see the Tasakibashi station on the streetcar. If you come here, Kumamoto station is just around the corner.

From Kumamoto, take the JR and Hisatsu Orange Railway to move slowly while watching the sea at dusk .... However, due to heavy rain, the Hisatsu Orange Railway runs between Yatsushiro Station and Sashiki Station by bus. On behalf of transportation. This bus has only one round trip in the morning and two round trips in the evening on Saturdays and Sundays, and if you match the schedule, it will arrive at Kagoshima near 21:00, so this time we entered Kagoshima Chuo on the Kyushu Shinkansen.

It is a pity that there are many tunnels south of Kumamoto on the Kyushu Shinkansen, and only a few train windows can be seen.

As a result of the smooth transfer, we were able to arrive at Kagoshima Chuo Station around 16:00.

It was possible to go to Ibusuki station, which is the target station, but I decided to take a rest at the inn early because the sun would set before Ibusuki arrived. Clear the 4 target stations remaining on the last day at once.

·to be continued

Tanjiro Kamado took an AR photo that fits the retro station building and tried to complete the 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba' stamp rally --GIGAZINE

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