A travel guide to see the scenic scenery of Kyushu instead of speedrun the 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba' stamp rally

A collaboration campaign with JR Kyushu is being held to commemorate the release of the

movie version of 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba' infinite train . One of the projects is a digital stamp rally that uses the GPS check-in function. It was fun to go around Kyushu, and I actually went around only with JR.

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◆ Premises for the challenge of 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Digital Stamp Rally'
This project will be held from October 1st (Thursday) to December 28th (Monday), 2020, and will visit 13 target stations to collect stamps. Since the GPS check-in function of the 'JR Kyushu' app is used, you can get stamps just by going near the relevant point and checking in with the app, without having to search for stamps at stations or line up for stamping.

However, the problem is how the target stations are scattered. It's OK to go to the station, but it's a wide area, so it's impossible to go around in a day using JR. Please refer to the image created by @wenslime for how wide it is.

The person who organized the process has shown that it can be done in as little as two days. The plan created by @ SFJ_JA22MC is to go around 8 stations and stay in Kumamoto on the first day. Since it is a digital stamp rally, if you stop, you can get stamps without getting off.

@ MioT0422's plan is a balanced type with 7 stations on the 1st day and 6 stations on the 2nd day. It seems that you can go around even if you get off at the target station.

The existence of such a plan means that if the stamp rally starts in the morning of October 1, 2020 (Thursday), it can be completed on the night of October 2 (Friday). However, I couldn't go out at this timing, and it was so sad that I couldn't see anything from the train window when the sun went down, so I had a margin of 2 nights and 3 days. I chose to take a rest as much as possible after nightfall. Also, it's not good to see the same car window on a round trip, so I decided to go around by using a different route on the round trip as much as possible, even if 'one-stroke writing' is unreasonable.

◆ October 1, 2020 (Thursday) Evening: Entering Kyushu

Although I prefaced it with '2 nights and 3 days', as the 1 night and 2 days plan started from Hakozaki and Hakata respectively, the start will be delayed by all means in 'Morning Ichi Shinkansen or airplane to Kyushu', so the day before I decided to enter Kyushu in the meantime. The starting point was Kumamoto, not Hakozaki or Hakata. While moving on the Shinkansen, the nightfall came around Tokuyama.

I arrived at Hakata around 19:00. The Sanyo Shinkansen and Kyushu Shinkansen also have direct trains, so I could have taken them as they were, but I got off here because I had a chance to see the wrapping train at Hakata Station. At this time, the 'Limited Express Kamome 36', which arrived at Hakata Station at 19:52, was operated by a wrapping vehicle.

'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba' wrapping 885 series Kamome Hakata Station entrance line --YouTube

Each wrapping train has different wrapping for each vehicle. The first car is Sumijiro Kamon. There is a full-body figure of Sumijiro next to the entrance door, and the band that crosses the vehicle has the same green and black checkered pattern as Sumijiro's haori.

The part near the second car is Kanjiro above the waist.

Car 2 is Mameko Kamon. It's a little difficult to take a two-shot with Sumijiro because it's on the side of the entrance door and far from car 1.

Instead, at the boundary between cars 2 and 3, you can fit Mameko and Yoshiyasu Gazuma on one screen.

In cars 3 and 4, Zeni and Inosuke Beak are adjacent.

Inosuke next to the door.

Car 5 has a flame pillar, Purgatory Anjuro.

Car 6 was the main visual of the movie.

This time, due to the schedule, I didn't have a chance to ride the wrapping 'seagull', and even if I passed each other, I was expected to be running instead of stopping, so I was lucky to see it up close. At Hakata Station, many people pointed their smartphones and cameras at the wrapping train.

After that, move to Kumamoto by Kyushu Shinkansen. Prepare for the start of the next day's move.

It's too sad to say that 'I haven't installed the app on the day and can't stamp it', so install the ' JR Kyushu App ' (

iOS / Android version ) in advance by the day before.

At the first startup, a dialog will be displayed asking if you want to log in and register as a JR Kyushu Web member or use it without it. If you complete the stamp rally this time, a limited number of

SUGOCA will be given to 1000 people by lottery, but since member information will be used for shipping, those who want SUGOCA need to register.

The screen after launching the application looks like this.

In the 'Stamp Collection', the mounts of the stamp rally being held are displayed in a row. 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Digital Stamp Rally' looks like this. Since only 12 images are displayed on one screen, you cannot see the rock pillar / screaming line at the bottom left unless you scroll.

'GPS Check-in' also displays 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Digital Stamp Rally'.

◆ October 2, 2020 (Friday) 6:00: Kumamoto Station → Misumi Station
The first day of the stamp rally will start at 6am. This time, we will travel around Kyushu over 3 days, so we use the

special ticket ' Gurutto Kyushu Ticket '. This is a ticket that allows unlimited rides on regular trains and rapid trains on all JR Kyushu lines for three consecutive days, and you can also ride on the Kyushu Shinkansen and limited express trains by purchasing a limited express ticket. It is 14,300 yen including tax for adults and 7,150 yen including tax for children when purchased online.

So I came to Kumamoto station again.

Take the bus bound for Misumi at 6:19. This is the first train bound for the triangle.

The movement route looks like this.

A diesel train was parked on track 5, which is a notched platform.

This is the train that will take you to Misumi Station. In addition, it is also a train that will take you back to Kumamoto Station as it is.

The inside of the car is a box seat like this, and although it is a little crowded during commuting hours, it can stir up your travels.

Move while watching the rising sun over Shirakawa.

After passing Uto Station, the train separates from the elevated Kyushu Shinkansen and the Kagoshima Main Line and changes course to the west.

Shortly after leaving Sumiyoshi Station, the Ariake Sea will spread out in the train window on the right side of the direction of travel. Beyond the horizen, you can see Mt. Unzen on the Shimabara Peninsula across the Ariake Sea.

In front of Akase Station, we left the coastline and entered the mountains, crossing the Uto Peninsula from north to south. Arrived at Hataura Station on the south bank.

Since Misumi Station is the first target station, I watched the GPS check-in screen before arriving. The blue GPS marker is approaching the circle that indicates the area of Misumi Station, but I'm worried that the marker is slightly off the track on the map.

And at 7:12, I arrived at Misumi Station.

◆ October 2, 2020 (Friday) 7:12: Misumi Station
The place name 'Misumi' is said to have changed from what was called 'Mikado' because it was the place where

Emperor Keiko passed by Tsukushi.

The station building looks like this.

The port is right in front of the station, and you can use the

Amakusa Treasure Island Line and the routes to Koyakouchi Port, Arashiguchi Port, Goshoura Port, and Tanasoko Port .

After that, tap 'Check in' to get a stamp.

When I thought, there was no response, and when I pressed it again, the error message 'Out of check-in range. Please check the location on the map and execute'. It seems that check-in failed due to the difference between the actual position and GPS, which is common in GPS-based apps.

The train that turns back at Misumi Station departs at 7:19, which means that the stop time is 7 minutes. When I restarted the app and checked again, I found a red mark at the triangular station, saying that I would fail to check in if I was restarting the terminal leisurely.

According to

the FAQ of the app, even if you have already checked in, you will get an error saying 'out of check-in range', and it seems that the message was due to retrying. I was able to get the stamp of Misumi Station, Yoshiyasu Gazuma.

One of the causes may be that you opened the GPS check-in screen when you arrived at Misumi Station and were waiting for it now or now. The JR Kyushu app seems to read GPS information when returning from sleep or returning from the background, and when it is judged that it is within the range of the GPS marker (within a radius of 100 m) when the app is opened, it is like this A button saying 'GPS check-in!' Is displayed, and you can check in by tapping it. I had the impression that this one would allow you to check in more smoothly.

By the way, the poster of the key visual of the movie is posted in the station yard like this. This poster is a

devilish blade AR photo spot where characters are displayed by scanning with the AR application 'COCOAR2' ( iOS version / Android version ). This time, I couldn't afford to read the poster because it took a lot of time for the stamp rally, so I gave up shooting with good luck.

I boarded the train I just got on and returned to Kumamoto Station.

From Kumamoto Station, some sections were cut off due to the

2016 Kumamoto Earthquake, etc., and the Hohi Main Line was fully restored on August 8 , 2020. Aso Station, which is the second target, and the third Aim for Beppu Station. In Google's route search, the route via Hakata / Kokura will be displayed because it takes time if it is via the Hohi Main Line, but this is not the route.

·to be continued
While enjoying the scenery of Aso on the Hohi Main Line, which has been revived from the damage of the Kumamoto earthquake, we have been collecting 'Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba' stamps --GIGAZINE

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