Collected 'Kimetsu no Yaiba' stamps while crossing the Kyudai Main Line, where bus services continue due to heavy rain damage

After moving

from Kumamoto to Aso and then from Aso to Beppu, we decided to go around the JR Kyushu Digital Stamp Rally to commemorate the release of the movie version of 'Kimetsu no Yaiba' infinite train while enjoying the train window instead of speed running. We will turn back to the west and move from Oita to the west on the Kumamoto Main Line.

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◆ October 2, 2020 (Friday) 13:30: Oita Station → Yufuin Station
From Oita Station, take the Kyudai Main Line to the next stamp rally target station, Bungomori Station. However, due to the heavy rain in July 2nd year of Reiwa, the Kyudai Main Line has suspended some sections of operation, and the train from Oita Station can reach Shonai Station.

The route to Shonai station looks like this.

'Aso Boy!' From Kumamoto I ate

one lunch box and two chikuwa salads in the car and was relatively full, so I had two chicken rice balls purchased at Oita station for lunch.

The Kiha 147 diesel railcar will carry you from Oita Station.

It connects Oita Station and Shonai Station by one-man operation.

The Kyudai Main Line, which leaves Oita Station and separates from the Nippou Main Line and Hohi Main Line. Draw a large U-shape and run westward.

I will run in Oita city for a while, but ...

Since the line runs along the Oita River, the rural scenery will soon be mixed.

From Mukainoharu Station, operation resumed on Saturday, August 29, 2020.

Route 210 runs in parallel with the Oita River.

I continued to run along the river and arrived at Shonai station.

Get off here and transfer to the substitute bus that stops in front of the station.

The bus route looks like this. There are some direct buses, but most of the flights run to the front of the station on the way.

Occasionally away from the railroad tracks, sometimes along the railroad tracks, toward Yufuin.

Like Yunohira Station, the community bus stop along the national highway is not the station front, but the substitute bus stop.

As JR was only suspended, the national roads on which the substitute buses run were also being constructed with alternating traffic in some places.

The road shoulder is being repaired.

Kyudai Main Line Suspended seen from the Kyudai Main Line substitute bus --YouTube

You can see Mt. Yufu in the back and Minami-Yufu Station in the foreground.

Then, I arrived at the parking lot near Yufuin Station. After stopping here for nearly 30 minutes, this bus will be bound for Bungomori Station.

◆ October 2, 2020 (Friday) 15:09: Yufuin Station
I came to Yufuin station. The station name is 'Yufuin', but 'Yufuin' is used as a tourist destination. Yufuin Town was formed by the merger of Kita Yufu Village and Minami Yufu Village in 1948, and later merged with Yufuin Town to become Yufuin Town. After that, Yufuin Town merged with Shonai Town and Hasama Town in 2005 to become Yufu City.

Trains do not come, but trains are detained inside the station and can be visited by purchasing an admission ticket. One of them is 'Yufuin no Mori'. In addition, you cannot tour the inside of the car.

The Oita area looks like this.

And the direction of Bungo-Mori going forward is like this.

I will return to the bus again and head for Bungomori.

The route looks like this.

Instead of entering the Oita Expressway, I mainly run on the Yamanami Highway.

In some places, the waiting time for alternating traffic is set to 1 minute or more, and there are often convoys.

It seemed that the rockfall prevention net was being constructed.

On the way, a bridge on the Kyudai Main Line crossed the road. This bridge is safe, but some have been washed away.

Kokonoe Town Hall seen from the bus window. The slope near the parking lot where the Nogami River flows had collapsed.

The area around Era Station where the trains stopped coming and the railroad tracks were buried in flowers.

Prefectural road 678, which runs near the station, collapsed on the way and was completely closed.

After 16:40, the bus arrived in front of Bungomori Station.

◆ October 2, 2020 (Friday) 16:45: Bungomori Station
To make sure you don't forget at the station for the stamp rally for the first time in about 4 hours, first check in with GPS and get a stamp of the snake pillar, Iguro Kobayashi. The poster had not been posted yet because there was no place to put it.

I had a little time until the next train, so I went to the former Bungo Mori Roundhouse, which is a 3-minute walk from the station.

In the era when steam locomotives were needed to operate railways, steam locomotives were distinguished from front to back, so we used the turntable of this locomotive to change direction. However, the operation of steam locomotives decreased with the times, and in 1970 the Kyudai Main Line also achieved smokelessness. The Bungo Mori Roundhouse was abolished in April 1971. The engine room and site were purchased by Kusu Town in 2006 and maintained as a park. It was certified as a modern industrial heritage in 2009 and became a nationally registered tangible cultural property in 2012.

The 9600 type steam locomotive, No. 29612, is stored in front of the turntable.

Behind it is a fan-shaped engine room.

Only Unit 29612 is on display and preserved, and the inside of the engine cabinet is empty.

Return to the station before the train departure time. The limited express 'Yufuin no Mori' that stops at Bungo Mori Station and the former Bungo Mori Roundhouse on the far right.

From here, take the Yufuin no Mori and return to Hakata Station at once.

The inside of the car looks like this. It may not be Saturday and Sunday, but the number of passengers from Bungo-Mori was not so large.

◆ October 2, 2020 (Friday) 17:34: Bungomori Station → Hakata Station
'Yufuin no Mori No. 6' departs from Bungo Mori Station at 17:34. Aim for Hakata Station.

'Yufuin no Mori' leaves the center of Kusu Town and heads west along the Kusu River.

As a late snack, I bought yuzumi squash, dark tea ice cream, and kabosu ice cream.

The state of the Kusu River on the way to Hita after passing Amagase. It can be seen that it caused considerable damage to the embankment.

If you think about it, a beautiful scene can spread with a gentle flow.

Eventually, the train arrived at Hita Station.

Here, I got the 5th stamp of Kazuko Kamon.

The rear view looks like this. I'm running through the green that is approaching the railroad tracks.

By the time I came out on the flat land in the Chikugo River basin, the sun was setting.

The sun went down before 18:30, and it was pitch black at Kurume Station, which arrived at 18:47.

Tosu Station, which has a stadium in front of the station, is the last station for the stamp rally of the day.

Get the 6th stamp, the wind pillar, Miya Immortal River.

'Yufuin no Mori No. 6' arrived at Hakata Station at 19:20. If you still want to move, you can move, but since you are no longer in a state where you can enjoy the car window, this day is over.

I got 6 stamps on the first day of the rally. There are 13 in total, so it's pretty good, but the distance traveled from here was difficult again ...

·to be continued

I took a picture of Mr. Purgatory while collecting 'Kimetsu no Yaiba' stamps and crossed the Ariake Sea by ferry --GIGAZINE

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