I have seen the world's first DMV that can run on both railroads and roads on the Asakaigan Railway

At the 'Gourmet Hunt', one of the events of the '

Challenge! Machi ★ Asobi vol.3 ', a tour-type entertainment event that 'exhausts Tokushima', the prefectural border between Tokushima and Kochi prefectures will not be visited without such an opportunity. Since I decided to go to Kaiyo Town , the DMV (dual mode) that can run on both the 'world's first' railroad and road operated by the Asa Kaigan Railway that runs between Kaiyo Town and Toyo Town, Kochi Prefecture . I've seen the vehicle).

What is DMV (Dual Mode Vehicle)? | Asakaigan Railway Co., Ltd.

The location of 'Kaiyo Town' is here, the southernmost municipality in Tokushima Prefecture. By public transportation, it takes just over 2 hours from Tokushima Station to Awa-Kainan Station, the representative station in the town on the JR Mugi Line. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car.

So I arrived at Awa-Kainan Station, which is the connecting station between the JR Mugi Line and the Asato Line.

The slope that goes up toward the station building is like a taxiway to the parking lot, but this is the roadside entrance of the DMV.

Around Awa-Kainan Station as seen from the platform of the station.

The Tokushima area looks like this.

And the next direction to Kaifu station is like this.

Originally, the JR Mugi Line was a line to the next Kaifu Station, but when DMV was introduced to the Asato Kainan Railway, the section between Awa-Kainan Station and Kaifu Station was incorporated into the Asato Kainan Railway, and the rail connection was cut off. ..

The end of the Asakaigan Railway rail, which turns away from the JR rail, is connected to the road via the mode change interchange. The DMV is just stopped.

There was a 'shooting spot' in the mode change interchange part.

Even though it is a mode change interchange, there are no special facilities.

The DMV just got off the slope and ran off to the road. Since it is a modified vehicle based on a bus with iron wheels for running on the railroad tracks, it looks not much different from a normal bus.

The destination where the bus ran away was

Awa Hainan Bunkamura . The DMV runs on the road from Awa-Kainan Bunkamura to Awa-Kainan Station, changes the mode and runs on the railroad track from Awa-Kainan Station to Koura Station, and changes the mode again from Koura Station to Umi-no-Eki Toyocho and Road Station Shishiku Onsen. And drive on the road. There is also a reserved flight for all seats that goes to Cape Muroto only once on Saturdays and Sundays.

This is the station of Awa Hainan Bunkamura, which is the first station. It's an ordinary bus stop.

Eventually, the JR Mugi Line train arrived at Awa-Kainan Station.

And the DMV came to contact me.


Change to track driving mode at the mode change interchange. After the change, the DMV will depart after a check is made to see if the iron wheels are on the rails.

From Awa-Kainan Station to Kaifu Station, there is a short tunnel called 'Chonai Tunnel'. Originally, it was a tunnel that normally runs through the mountain, but it seems that the mountain was cut off due to the development of residential land, and only the tunnel remained.

The Asakaigan Railway is a fairly lean linear road that bridges valleys and tunnels through mountains, so it will cross national highway No. 55, which is a parallel road that runs relatively along the terrain several times. One of the bridges has the message 'Let's grow together, Asato Line'.

Head to the final stop, 'Michi-no-Eki Shishiku Onsen'.

The roadside station and

Hotel Riviera Shishiku are adjacent to each other.

A DMV that runs along the coast.

Kannoura Station, where the DMV is heading, appears as an elevated railway in a quiet residential area.

The DMV entrance on the Koura station side has a structure that gains height at once because the track is on an elevated track. The DMV's Kannoura Station is built so that it is wrapped in a slope.

There are stairs leading to the overpass, but ...

The elevated platform was from the railroad era and the DMV did not stop, so it was blocked from entering the platform.

If the tip of the overpass had been made as it was, it would have been a tunnel that pierced the mountain again.

To be honest, it's a place where the overpass doesn't look good.

You can easily see the DMV coming from a distance when you are on the overpass.

At Kannoura Station, I watched the whole story until the DMV went up the slope, changed to the track driving mode at the mode change interchange, and departed.

DMV of Asakaigan Railway changes mode at Kannoura Station and departs --YouTube

On the way to the next station, Shishikui, I found a vehicle stopped. The big building next door was the garage of the Asakaigan Railway, and it seemed that the vehicles that were once in operation were detained.

Like Koura Station, Shishikui Station is located on the overpass.

However, Shishikui Station uses an elevated platform for DMVs, so there is an elevator that Kannoura Station does not have.

The stationmaster of Shishikui station was a spiny lobster.

Do not use the elevator, go up the stairs.

Looking at the Kaifu / Awa coast area, it looks like this.

There was a lower DMV platform on the Kannoura side.

When I zoomed in from the DMV platform, I could see the garage and the vehicle that I had seen on the way to the station.

Go back one more station to Kaifu station.

At Kaifu station, I saw a DMV coming through a short tunnel.

DMV of Asakaigan Railway arrives at Kaifu Station through a tunnel in the town --YouTube

This also arrives and departs at a DMV home that is lower than the railroad era home.

Since the railroad cars are stored at Kaifu Station, you can feel how compact the DMV is compared to the railroad cars.

Asakaigan Railway DMV Departs Kaifu Station-YouTube

By the way, the location of ' Houraido ', a restaurant targeted for gourmet hunting in Kaiyo-cho, is here. About 20 minutes from Awa-Kainan Station on the JR Mugi Line, crossing the Kaifu River. It is about a 7-minute walk from Kaifu Station on the Asakaigan Railway.

The store looks like this.

There is a parking lot on the back, so you can come by other than public transportation.

Gourmand Hunt is a plan to receive postcards and stamps by satisfying the conditions of each store. The condition of Horaido is that the order is 648 yen or more, so the target products are quite wide, but for example, this 'during DMV' is OK.

As the name suggests, it is in the process of becoming a DMV when assembled.

Inside the box is the DMV's body, the middle of the wheels, and the red bean paste.

I will make it according to 'DMV Monaka's freshly made method'.

First, inject red bean paste into the car body. As you can see, 'Use plenty of red bean paste', the amount of red bean paste is a little too much even if it is packed tightly.

After packing the bean paste, glue the car body.

Next, fill the wheels with red bean paste. Since there are 5 parts, only one can still see the bean paste, but this is OK.

Place the car body on it.

Then turn the box over.

All you have to do is place the DMV in a suitable location and shoot.

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