'Out Horse', a service that allows you to outsource email replies during your disgusting vacation to horses, has started.

There must be many people who have enjoyed their vacation away from work, but have been pulled back to reality at once by the business email that arrived on their smartphones. A service called ' OutHorse ' has started, which is not an outsourced service that allows Icelandic horses to reply to such disgusting vacation emails.

OutHorse Your Email


You can see what kind of service 'Out Horse' is by watching the following video.

OutHorse Your Email to Iceland's Horses-YouTube

A vacation in Iceland's magnificent nature is the perfect time to switch from a busy life and refresh yourself.

The woman who received one email during such a vacation ...

When I saw the text, my face became cloudy at once. Apparently the content of the email was reminiscent of work.

I'm tired of getting a work email during my vacation and worrying about the reply.

The perfect solution devised by Iceland, a tourist powerhouse, for business emails during vacations ...

It is 'Out Horse' that lets horses reply to emails on their behalf.

Because the horse will reply to the email on your behalf ...

You won't be disturbed by work while you're on vacation.

Horses are also learning buzzwords that are popular in companies ...

The boss doesn't even notice that the horse is replying.

Now you can fully enjoy your important vacation.

In addition, this is a making video that teaches horses to step on the keyboard and make keyboards for inputting text.

How Iceland's Horses Learned to Type Emails

'Out Horse' is operated by ' VISIT ICELAND ', the official information site for tourists in Iceland. If you look at the official website, you will see 'LITLA STJARNA FRÁ HVÍTAR HOLTI (typing is fast but you may be taking a nap)' under the phrase 'Choose a horse and start'outhorse'your email.' Three unique subcontracted horses, 'HRÍM NIR FRÁ HVAMMI (strongly assertive and capable, with a shining mane)' and 'HEKLA FRÁ ÞOR KELLSHÓLI (friendly and mastering corporate buzzwords)' were introduced. I am. If you try clicking 'HEKLA FRÁ ÞOR KELL SHÓLI' ...

A form for entering the first and last name, the last day of the holiday, and the email address was displayed. Enter the required information, check the agreement to the terms of use and receive the official email, and click 'WRITE EMAIL' at the bottom right.

Then, the following email text for automatic reply was created.

This is the translated text.

The person (GIGA ZINE) is on vacation and cannot reply to the email. He outhorses all emails to the Icelandic horse, Hekla frá Þorkellshóli, trained in corporate communications. Below is the answer from Hekla frá Þor kellshóli.

Aælkj 5hbyiu89 n89u ð´'i2 + ji hð9 u3boæjrk2 n 9089ui qeægj eronbqo ð gnjqergni8h aq fear i

Qfiuoq4uhhæ 34 4 4 ædoifuuuuuua q34o

This email was created by Icelandic horses using a huge keyboard for horses. It's true.

Outhorse your email: www.outhorseyouremail.com

He will return on May 22, 2022.

Click 'START OVER' to create a text for another horse, and click 'COPY EMAIL' to copy the text. After that, if you set the copied text as the text for automatic reply of the mail application, you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about it.

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