A rush to the Tokushima station enough to restrict admission, Takashi Kondo and others gave a starting signal to the express Muroto one day station manager event

Talk & live by voice actor was held in October last year "Machi-sobia × Mountain top autumn festa of BizanAlthough I was able to see it, the big event newly added at "Machiasobi vol.2" this time is "Station One Day."

Takashi Kondo who is active in jump animation, such as "Toriko" and "Katekyo Hitman REBORN!" Serve as the station chief, Kana Akutsu of "Tsukimeko", Hiromi Igarashi, Romi Moriya, Sora Kuwano, and Hayama Mumi san. Although I was able to see a lively ceremony by a lot of people, I was so limited that admission could be imposed because there was a danger of falling from the home if I put too much into too much popularity.

Details are as below.
"Kondo Takashi Talk & Live" event at Shinchomachi Higashi ParkFinished, people started moving.

YouTube - People heading towards Tokushima station to see the station manager's event for one day

I wish for the Tokushima station direction from the footbridge of the Motomachi intersection in front of the station. Tall buildings are JR Tokushima Station building and Hotel Clement Tokushima.

Looking to the other side, you can see Shintomachi Bridge and Bizan. It is about 10 minutes on foot from Tokushima station to the Awaodori Kaikan at the foot of Mount Bizan.

I approached JR Tokushima station.

On your left hand facing the station (exit Tokushima station and turn right)Poppo Street Shopping Districtthere is. Some animated Tokushima store and Nankai books of comic specialty store exist.

I can see that the group walks towards the station, is it the event participant or the person who is traveling?

Arrived at the station.

According to Tokushima people, people in Tokushima will travel by car even a little away. It is somewhat lonesome to see the number of trains in this way.

Because it is close to an hour to start the event yet, it is not becoming "nothing terrible!"

View from the west side of Tokushima Station (towards Sako).

What is stopping at home 3Kiha 40 series 2142It is operated at 14:16 on the way to Anan, Mugi line normal train. We connect 24.5 km to Anan by 43 minutes / 540 yen. It's about 48 minutes at an average speed of 30 km with a car, about 36 minutes at an average speed of 40 km. Considering that you move from station to destination again, you can understand the feeling that you rely on cars.

The departure ceremony is held at 14:56 Tokujima departure from the Kaifu Line Limited Express "Muroto 3".

People gathered gradually while I was doing it.

At Tokushima station, we prepared 100 entrance tickets for the event and took measures to enter from the entrance of the group.

Tokushima is currently broadcasting NHK continuous TV novel "Well turtle"As a stage of the stage, appeal was set up to install a glowing poster.

The number of people gradually increased to No. 4 home where the departure ceremony is held.

It seems that a regular train to Naruto will also be departed at the same time and same home as the intended train "Muroto 3". What a terrible timing ....

A premise announcement by the voice actors was held before the departure ceremony.

The circumstances around the ticket gate are tough.

Behind such an announcement, "Muroto 3" was entering the home.

It is quite obvious where the ceremony is held.

It 's over with admission control.

People are crammed to the edge of the home.

Mr. Igarashi and Mr. Akutsu gathered each other whether Mr. Home was cold.

Mr. Takashi Kondo who put on the "station one day stick".

I'm pretty crazy.

Junior Mr. Hayama to watch the situation.

Eventually the ceremony began.

Although it is in the photo session state, Mr. Kondo is performing his duties.

A resounding departure bell, and a signal for departure.
YouTube - Takashi Kondo et al. Who will not see the limited express "Muroto 3" as the station leader of Tokushima station

After the train left, it was a bit shooting time.

And quickly withdraw.

However, as a surprise event here, Mr. Kondo et al. Shout hands off to the exiting customers.

I will shake hands with a smile.

This is the end of the work of Mr. Kondo and Mr. Tsunekane Station.

By the way, while waiting, trains arrived from here and there, they went out and bustled. This is the express "Muroto 2" to Muki to Tokushima.Kiha 185 series dieselIt is operated by.

Kiha 185 series variety.

A regular train came from Sako. After that it will turn back to Itano for departure at 14:34.

YouTube - JR Shikoku 1000 entrance to Tokushima station line 1 1000 Daimyo

Various types of 1000.

The 1000 shape running away. Takamatsu direction toward Takedō Line, and Awa Ikeda direction of Tokushima Line both run in the same direction, separated form at the next Sako station.

The Tokushima Operating Center is installed at Tokushima Station, but since there is no overhead wire, you can see the pillar well.

Speaking of JR Shikoku is famous for "Anpanman train".

The train which treated Anpanman in the car body and the interior is running because the author of "Soreike! Anpanman" · Takashi Yanase is from Kochi prefecture.

If you think that ...

The train on which Anpanman was treated arrived. I thought it was only limited express train, but I am making anpanman up to ordinary train.

2000 series diesel (N2000 series)Limited express "Uzushio" bound for Takamatsu. Many of those who were at home at this point were getting on this train. It seems to be used for various purposes such as business and sightseeing.

Line with Kiha 40 series. From the age of manufacturing, it is a feeling that it is 2 shots of middle-aged and child.

One is red, the second is blue.

With "PENDULUM HIGH - SPEED TRAIN" (pendulum high speed train), the pendulum mechanism realizes operation at maximum speed of 120 km.

When coming to the other side of the formation, to the face which receives another impression from before. This side is not N2000 series, normal 2000 series.

Since the Kiha 40 dashi car was manufactured in the Showa 50's and was put into the non-electrified routes throughout Japan, it seems to have been seen by anyone over a certain age. Even now I'm enrolled in JR companies, and I am doing my best while undergoing cooling and one-man conversion.

The departure is like this. There is "heaviness" that can not be felt quite easily on electrified routes.
YouTube - Departure Tokushima Station 3 Line Kiha 40 Series ordinary train to Anan

What is it?Model 1500It is a new car manufactured by JR Shikoku since 2006.

Unlike the Kiha 40 series in the previous year, the arrangement of new vehicles.

There were quite a few young people on board, but I was surprised to see many people at home.

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