Seiyu Nakamura Riko Nakamura became the station leader at Tokushima Station and the inside of the station was crowded

Anime film festival "The Moving Pictures Fesitval Vol.2"In addition to the female voice actor award, the voice actor who won numerous awards such as the female character prize at the Amenai Haruka role of" Idol Master ", the mascot character award at Ham CollectionRiko NakamuraThinks,Machi ★ Asobi vol. 10I took office as the station leader at JR Tokushima Station. Because "Idol Master" has many fans, Gissiri and people are pushing Tokushima station.

Idolmaster Amanaka Haruka (Nakamura Riko) The Tokushima Station One-day Station Determination! It is! - Machi ★ Asobi vol.10 2013.05.03 ~ 05.05 held

Front of JR Tokushima station.

It is not waiting for a taxi that lined up outside the station building, but a row of people who asks for the observation ticket of the station manager 's event a day and who waits for a souvenir ticket.

This is a wait queue for ticket sales. Is it about 200 people lining up?

A day exclusive observation ticket of the station manager is limited to 100 sheets. It seems that a considerable number of queues have already been formed around 7 AM.

About 9:15, "Express Limited 8" bound for Takamatsu came in at home.

Kiha 185 series dieseluse. Because all railways in Tokushima prefecture are non-electrified, "train" does not run, local people call "train".

Mr. Nakamura who was in charge of announcing the premises as the station manager.

Go home to see "Uzushio" to go off.

Mr. Nakamura raised his right hand, "Uzushio" started departing.

To Nakamura who waves his hand, the figure of a person looking back from inside the car also.

Greeting from the station manager.

As a day station manager, a commemorative ticket sales ceremony was held following this departure ceremony. The number of tremendous people ... ....

To the ceremony is the table of Euphor tableKondo HikaruProducer, "Fate / Zero" character design of Yude Sude, "Fate / Zero" directedAoiAlso appeared.

Sometimes idolmaster's "producers" gathered a lot, and cheers cheered according to Mr. Nakamura's voice "Let's get excited!"

Then, Mr. Nakamura who purchases the commemorative ticket of the idol master pattern, those who shoot it. It was an unusual event for the voice actor to appear on the event, so it was an event that many people took photographs with cameras, smartphones and tablets on board.

Mr. Nakamura responds to the comfort of the voice from the fans.

The pictures of the people sitting in the front row are summarized in the following Togetter.

Ruriko Nakamura Station Chief Image Album - Togetter

Meanwhile the standby queue for ticket purchase grew and it was in a 3 step breaking state.

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