Blasters · Blades and Kalafina are appointed as station managers among people who fill the station concourse

Idol and actress often "Chief of the day"Events that promote traffic safety and crime prevention are being held, but in the same way this is done at the train stationOne day the station managerEvent.Machi ★ Asobi vol.8At the same time, three singers, Kalafina, and an event that the blaster / blade appearing in the card game "Card Fight !! Vanguard" became the station chief and send a departure signal to the express, and at the same time, The sale of the commemorative ticket was also carried out, and in the early morning from the early morning there was a matrix of levels which is hardly seen in normal times at the station.

Machi ★ Asobi vol.8 2012.05.3 ~ 5.5 held

JR Tokushima Station

I can understand that there are many people who are obviously waiting outside the station, even from a distance.

Some people usually come out of the station, but obviously they are waiting for something.

A matrix is ​​made.

As I entered the station, the queue was still going on.

At this point it seems that the queue was already made at 10 o'clock in the morning because the ticket sale of the commemorative admission ticket is not open.

Another standby queue was made in the station.

This is a window that sells a dedicated admission ticket of the departure department departure ceremony one day. To prevent confusion, the entrance to the event was limited to 100 people, and the last entry ticket was sold out before my eyes.

Red carpet was already spreading on the home, and the ceremony was ready.

When,KalafinaAn announcement at the station premises started.

Mr. Hikaru reads the announcement from JR Shikoku. AlreadyIn February 2011 Kalafina served as the station leader of the day at Tokushima stationYes, it is familiar.

Watching over Kalafina's announcement, I was supposed to serve as a station manager all day togetherBlaster / blade.

"Card fight !! VanguardOne of the cards that appear in the "Anime" is also the most important card of the hero.

Eventually "Limited Express" "Uzushio" arrives home. Kalafina and Blaster / Blade will send out a departure signal to "Uzushio" as the station manager.

Kalafina and a blaster blade that appeared as the station manager. We will watch over 100 people and staff who purchased private admission ticket.

I can not see it from the back ... ....

Limited express "Uzushio" departing Tokushima station with Kalafina and Blaster / Blade departure cue.

Kalafina and Blaster / Blade to Tokushima station one day station manager @ Machi ★ Asobi vol.8 - YouTube

After finishing the job as the station manager, this time is a tape cut of the commemorative admission ticket sale.

Here the blaster / blade turned out to be a reticent character that should not talk. Instead, Bushiroad Shimamura Producer selling "Card Fight !! Vanguard" was greeting.

In tape cutting, there was also a roar of a curtain that I switched to scissors instead of the sword I had in hand with the blaster / blade, but the ceremonial ceremony was completed and the admission ticket sale began.

Kalafina to purchase the Kalafina pattern commemorative admission ticket.

After this, the standby queue of purchase of tickets gradually went shorter. The sale of admission tickets themselves lasts as long as there are more cards after 4 days.

This is a commemorative admission ticket. It is 800 yen per sheet, 3 kinds of handle.

One is Kalafina design.

The back side looks like this.

Second, Fate / Zero design. Saber is drawn in the table.

On the back is Mr. Kanji Miyamiya.

Third, card fight !! Vanguard design.

The back is looking for a mistake.

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