Voice actor Ryota Osaka & Ms. Noriko Shimoya took office as one day station at JR Tokushima station, express express "Uzushio" departure ceremony & talk show report

In the complex entertainment event "Machi ★ Asobi" which is held twice in spring and autumn in Tokushima city, events of all genres including animation and games are being held, but in spring mathematics Association, artists and voice actors It is the usual practice to serve as the station chief at JR Tokushima Station. It is the seventh timeMachi ★ Asobi vol.16Then, Ryota Osaka and Ms. Noriko Shimoya as the role of Mikurio as "Tales of Zestria" took office as a station chief on May 4, and a lot of fans rushed to Tokushima station.

Machi ★ Asobi Tokushima Station One day station manager

JR Tokushima Station is a place about 10 minutes walking north, crossing the river from Shinmachihashi East Park or Main Bridge Nishi-koen, which is the main venue of Machi ★ Asobi.

I came across the "Fate / Zero" wrapping bus at the bus stop of Tokushima station.

An admission ticket which can see the departure ceremony by the station manager one day at a time was distributed 100 sheets of tickets from 9:00 am, and the distribution was completed in less than 30 minutes. Those who were able to get a numbered ticket were able to purchase admission tickets in exchange for a numbered ticket from 13 o'clock, and entered the home from 14 o'clock in order of reference number.

A talk show will be held in front of the departure ceremony, so red carpet is spread on the premises of Tokushima station ......

Just before the talk show started, a lot of customers gathered.

One day the station manager's first job is announcing the station. Yasutaka Osaka & Noriko Shimoya who wore a "one day station manager" and a staff's hat will enter the ticket gate and read the announcement of JR Shikoku.

When Osaka-san and Shimoya-san subsequently appeared at the venue of the talk show, a great cheer came out from the customers and the shutter sound of the camera rang from there quite a bit because the photography was OK.

Ufotable Kondo Hikari Producer also entered the talk show.

Mr. Osaka is from Tokushima Prefecture and recently I came to Tokushima Prefecture as New Year's Day 2016. Tokushima city was talking that he often came in high school days.

Mr. Shimoya, who just arrived at Tokushima on the day of the station manager's event, said that it is the second time since 2012 that it will come to Machi ★ Assobi. It was different from the rain of the previous day and it was blessed with fine weather on the day of the event and Mr. Shimoya was talking about "the city of Tokushima is a beautiful place."

After the talk I moved to station No. 2 home. A red carpet is laid near the beginning of the home in preparation for the departure ceremony ......

A signboard of the departure ceremony also appeared.

At 14 o'clock, 100 visitors who purchased tickets entered the home ......

I will watch the departure ceremony of the station manager one day in front of the red carpet.

After a while, Limited Express Yuzushio came into the home.

And Mr. Aisaka and Shimoya again appear.

Many customers also have smartphones and cameras on the home, and take a picture of the station manager one day in front of the train. As shutter sounds will not stop ringing, scenes where Mr. Osaka commented, "Are you listening to the talk?"

At the departure ceremony, when hearing the impression of the station manager a day, Mr. Osaka said that he had a rare experience of entering the station manager's office and wearing the hat of the station staff, and comment that he would like to give back to the local as a voice actor from now on. Mr. Shimoya told me that he entered the station chief for the first time and announced at the ticket office were impressive.

Because Limpress Uzushio departs at home as it is, two people wearing white gloves raise the right hand high and a signal of "departure progressing"!

After the train departed, Mr. Osaka and Mr. Shimoya waved to the customer in the car and watched him.

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