"Raiku Touken Ranbu" Izumi Mamoru Kenkami, Mr. Ryuhei Kimura & Yoshiyuki Mutsuke and Ken Miyama to the station chief at Tokushima for the first two consecutive days the station manager

May 5 - 7, 2017 heldMachi ★ Asobi vol.18So on the first day of May 5Mr. Akane Fujita, who plays the role of Izumi Sayame at 'eromongha teacher' appoints the station manager one dayDid. And on the next and sixth "Momentum swords Ranbu"Izumi Mamoru in a roleRyohei Kimura, Mr. Yoshiyuki MutsukeHina BanMr. Masaru took office as the station leader, the first "two days in a row the station chief" realized.

Machi ★ Asobi vol.18 2017.05.5 ~ 5.7 holding

This is JR Tokushima Station

Mr. Kimura and Mr. Hama take charge of the in-house announcement from the ticket gate in turn. The cheers cheered from the guests who gathered because they did with the character playing each tightening.

The two who finished the announcement moved home. I am receiving a lecture on how to signal a departure progression.

In self introduction & friday talk time, the figure disappeared from the back of the crowd.

Mr. Hama & Ms. Kimura who smiled smile though smartphones are pointed from close range.

At 9:22 on time, when two people give a signal to start the departure, Limpress Uzushio sounds a horn and departs.

People who brought up on the train had two hands waving their hands.

In addition, at the concourse, a commemorative ticket sale ceremony was held.

Concourse is "JR Tokushima Station Animation Jack", and it is decorated with "Livelihood Sword Ranbu". This huge banner, which is too big to be looking up considerably ... ...

As it rises to the second floor, it is in a state of left-right reversal, but I will bring it closer to the face of Izumi Mamoriba.

In the same way, I will bring it closer to Michiyo Mori Yoshiyuki.

There is also a huge banner of the main characters, but it is regrettable that Konseki who is angularly on the left side and the inferior judo can not be seen from the second floor.

Kimura san was also shooting with smartphone whether this was anxious.

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