LiSA took office at the Tokushima station as one day station manager and held a departure ceremony

"Machi ★ Assobi vol.20Prior to the opening ceremony of the singerLiSAHe took office as the station chief at JR Tokushima station. In the opening ceremony after that, Li Sai, Iida Kamon Tokushima Governor, Mati ★ Associated Producer Producer Kondo Hikaru, Tokushima Anime Ambassador, Riko Nakamura, and voice actor Yuji Egahara appeared.

· One day the station manager

First of all, LiSA who was in charge of announcing the premises as a station manager. We sold commemorating admission tickets and announced "Anpanman train".

Just a little ticket examination.

On the platform a little talk time was set up before the departure ceremony.

Everyone who raises cameras and smartphones all at once.

The people in front should be able to see LiSA quite close.

LiSA is from Gifu Prefecture. It seems that he was going to school by a one - man operated train similar to Tokushima.

Uzushio's departure time approaches ......

Mr. LiSA to signal the departure progress with the station manager of the phone.

In response to the signal, the horn sounded and the limited express departed.

LiSA went to the train with a smile.

Some people photographed the situation at this time from the train.

·Opening ceremony
After this, the opening ceremony was held at the entrance part of Tokushima station. From the left, LiSA, Nakamura Ririko, Ehara Yuko, Iida Yoshimon Governor, Kondo Hikaru .... However, there are more people than the station manager one day and almost no figure is seen from behind.

There was a person who uploaded a picture taken from the front side though.

This is in front of LiSA's.

In the opening ceremony, the unveiling ceremony of the collabora wrapping vending machine of "sky boundary" "Oenro." Was held.

This is Governor Izumi who got the "sky boundary" postcard

And a tape cut of commemorating admission ticket sale

The waiting queue for purchase was long enough to fold back outside the station.

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