Ace cook and Mikawaya confectionery collaboration which can not be surprised at the high degree of reproduction degree "shrimp full moon taste baked udon"

From Ace cook, shrimp flavor and light salty taste hurried Mikawaya confectionery 'shrimp moon' collaborated with 'Shrimp full moon taste savory udonIt is discovered in Seven Eleven that "has appeared. I decided to buy and eat what it is tasting.

Package in which the letters of "shrimp full moon" are written large. Although there is no description in the package and press releases etc. are not announced, it seems that it is limited sales in the Seven & amp; Eye Group at the time of article creation, the price is 203 yen including tax.

Shrimp full moon is a baked sweet baked crispy with dried shrimp and "Aoza" together with potato starch using cooking methods such as tempura and salt grill. It is a classic sweet with a scented shrimp scent and light salty taste.

So, by comparison with the original product, I also got "shrimp full moon" as well.

When you open the bag, the flavor of the shrimp has drifted, so I misunderstood about 3 sheets. It is a classic Japanese stuff that "I think this is this taste."

Raw materials for roasted udon include "Sauce" with seafood extract in addition to fried noodles, sprinkled with amiavi and azalea.

The calorie per meal is 505 kcal and the salt equivalent is 4.1 g.

By the way, this product does not contain shrimp full moon, it is a product that imagined its taste. However, since it is supervised by the original Mikawaya confectionery, the degree of reproduction should be quite high.

And check the contents as you raised the hurdle. Inside was a small sack of seasoning and sprinkle.

Udon noodles are a type that I want to flatten a little.

If you return noodles with hot water, put seasoning soup. This scene seems to be able to expect considerably since the fragrance like Shrimp full moon already begins to drift from this stage.

In the sprinkle, a shrimp with a faint pink color and "Aoza" was contained.

When I tried it, I was surprised at the high degree of reproduction that I thought "Oh, this, Shrimp full moon". The fried noodles are mouthwashed texture, and that "crispy" crispness is unlikely to be expected, but it is a light surprise that that taste that many people know is reproduced in a grilled udon, "a good job I thought it was ... ... "and finished it.

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