Talk and live report released a new cast of anime "Centaur's trouble"

In the monthly COMIC Ryu original series cartoon is serialized, from July 2017 TV anime will also be broadcasted "Centaur's troubles"But,Machi ★ Asobi vol.18We held a talk & live event at. At the event, I was watching the new cast announcement, the opening theme of the animation and the contents that will be done until the live of the ending theme, so it has been a tremendous event, so I have been watching what kind of event it is actually.

TV anime "Centaur's trouble" Official website

Mr. Akane Kiryu (purely monster) singing the opening theme "Tell me Darwin" is the acting moderator (right). And Mr. Seri Akihara, the protagonist, Kimi Hara, left (left) and Mr. Yui Kuwabara who is a close friend of Himeko who is a close friend of Himeho appeared.

So, Mr. Kiryu who is the moderator and facilitator will begin to read the synopsis of "Centaur's trouble". Synopsis is as follows.

Princess Hima Hara Hello is in love, in club activities, in studying ...,
Girls high school student who lives a very ordinary high school life.
The only difference is that she is in the form of centaurs.
Dragon man's rare, horny man's son, chairman of wing men, snake man Sususu chan.
I am living a happy high school life with my classmates in each form.
Shiba-chan, the princess's cousin, Maki-chan of that friend, and four younger sisters of the chairman also appeared,
"It is a human being but not a human being" The cute daily life of the daughters will be spelled ♪

The first talk theme is "Impression when receiving offers". According to Mr. Fukagawa who plays the hero Hime-o, it seems that when he was auditioned for "Centaur's troubles", he was told that he was told "with natural performance" instead of a moechy voice in his direction. In addition, the original seems to have a unique reverberation as if reading the moral textbook, and I was keen to do my best to make the animation enjoy the atmosphere that is nothing else.

In addition, Himeko played by Ms. Fukagawa said "It is a relaxing personality, a year when you are concerned about the size of your chest and your body."

When Kuwabara who plays the prison dragon of Dragon man who is Himeno's best friend tries to answer, the voice saying "Yo! Dragon voice actor" rises and animation "Mr. Kobayashi's May DragonMr. Kuwabara who is able to be taught that he was playing the main character Toll with ". Mr. Kuwabara's rare is a boyish and handsome character, so she is thrilled to have never played these types of characters.

What kind of character is such a rare, Kuwabara said that "kindness is oozing out". Although rare is always an attacking character, it is noteworthy how such a rare situation will shrink the sense of distance with Hime-no and other characters.

And as information to be released for the first time in the event, it was announced that Mr. Kiryu of the moderator appeared as a voice actor in the animation main part. Mr. Kiryu plays the main character Hime - no 's cousin, Shino who is in the same form as Centaurs as Hime - no. Mr. Kiryu seems to have participated in the audition of the voice actor for the first time in Centaur's troubles, and he seems to have hit the hair with a bashibashi hair because of too much tension.

Kiryu who plays Mr. Kiryu is a character he loves Hime-no-ko, and he is usually very sweetboy, but he seems to have a strong sense of justice. In the character setting "It's Himeino's cousin, I go to kindergarten, I love Hime-no-ho!"

Subsequently, Mr. Kiryu says the question "What kind of form would you like to be?" Pops out. Three people inflate Alecolle delusion as it is a difficult problem, but Mr. Fukagawa said "Wingperson", Kuwabara san "Centaur or Dragon", Kiryuu cite "Mermaid". Especially, Kuwabara's answer "Dragon" entered Tsukkom, "Because it is a trouble of Sen" Tall ", applause applause caught a crowd from the venue.

Mr. Kuwabara tightens this applause with a pappa papa in a laughable Tamori style. The breath with the hall is perfect.

That's why the event's talk part is over and the animation's opening theme and ending theme will be shown. Anime's ending theme "Edelweiss" is sung by Aikaki, an anime singer of a high school student. Mr. Sakuhana has made his debut with "Open your eyes" which is the ending theme of TV anime "Occultic; Nine - Occultic Nine -", and "Edelweiss" will be the second single.

Sakihana "Open your eyes" Music Video full version (TV anime "Occultic; Nine - Oculture · Nine" ending theme) - YouTube

"Edelweiss" is said that this stage of Assassination was the first to be released.

Next, a purely monster appeared and showed the opening theme "Tell me Darwin".

Mr. Fukagawa and Mr. Kuwabara who listened to the ending theme "Edelweiss" for the first time commented that it is going to be a refreshing and comfortable next week to think that it is an opening theme. Furthermore, as for the opening theme "Tell me Darwin", it seemed that I could not hide the surprise that the call which happened from the venue "was amazing!"

In addition, after the event, members are taking pictures with Members of Mr. Fukagawa, Mr. Kuwabara, Mr. Sakihana and Purely Monster, and the official Twitter of the animation has released pictures.

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