"Tell me! Gyaruko-chan" depicting everyday life of three girls, girls, otaku and young girls Decided to animate TV

Although it is a blond hair girl that seems to be playing from anywhere, the contents are comedy that draws the everyday of three girls' daughters including pure expression "Gyaruko"tell me! Gyuko-chan"An animation of TV animation was announced.

TV animation "Tell me! Gyuko-chan "official website

The released key visual is like this.

© 2015 Kenya Suzuki / Published by KADOKAWA / Garukochan Production Committee

As well as the illustration of the original official website, three people, Gyaruko, Otako and Miss, are standing in front of the signboard of the flower garden anal room.

"tell me! Gyuko-chan "official website

The original was published 2 volumes in June, serialization is still being done with ComicWalker, and you can also read the back number.

tell me! Gyuko - ComicWalker ComicWalker

Girl child of the hero has an image of "It seems to be playing" from a male of a classmate because appearance is a blond hair girl, but in reality it is a girl who is pure and nice. Such a girl child and a little girlfriend became friends are Otako and Miss. It is a work that three people spread girls talk in various places.

Directed by animation · Serving as a series is organized in series "Hayate the Combat Butler!" "Moriteta" "Keeping a Life Consultation Animation" Life "" Kawaguchi Keiichiro, Character Design "Brad Rid" Fujisaki Kenji, Animation Production is "Yahara My Youth Love comed wrong ... "" Susaki Nishi THE ANIMATION "feel ..

Broadcasting will start in January 2016. The opening theme song has been decided to be a character song by Gyuko, Otaku and Miss.

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