As a pop-up that says 'How to use Google is at risk' appears in Google search

In Australia, the ' News Media Bargaining Code ' is being considered, which will allow the media side to negotiate the distribution of profits that Google and Facebook got from news media articles. Google is vehemently against the law and sent a warning to the Australian Google search with a pop-up saying 'Australian people are using Google at risk.'

Google's open letter to Australians about news code contains'misinformation', ACCC says | Technology | The Guardian

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Australia consumer watchdog comments on Google letter on media bargaining code

It has been pointed out that Google and Facebook are unfairly profiting in news gathering and distribution, and it has been done in various places around the world so far, Google news ended in 2014 due to regulations in Spain, Google in Germany and Brazil in the direction to make a payment on the media side has progressed .

In Australia, it was considered that Google would pay the media, but on July 31, 2020, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) announced that the 'News Media Negotiation Act' was requested at the request of the Australian government. Published a draft. Named Google and Facebook, clarified provisions on profit sharing. In response, Google published an open letter on a special site, announcing its intention to oppose the new law.

Google announces a statement against the law that ``Google and Facebook must pass news reader data to the media''-GIGAZINE

In addition, Google opens a pop-up saying 'The Way Aussies use Google is at risk' when opening '' and prompts the user to do so. Is also sending a warning. Under the sentence 'The new regulations will hurt your search experience,' you'll see a button that says 'Learn more,' which you can click to jump to a special page with an open letter.

Google says that due to the enforcement of the new law, the user experience of Google search and YouTube will be dramatically impaired, user data will be passed to major news sites, and major news sites will 'give an unfair advantage' I am. The new law also includes Google's advice to media operators about 'the effect of algorithm changes on rankings' etc., but this target media has 'annual revenue of 150,000 dollars (about 1600 It is necessary to meet the requirements such as '10,000 yen)', and it is expected that it will be limited to major companies only.

In addition, in response to Google's open letter that the new law 'hurts free services' 'user's search data is at risk', ACCC said, 'In the open letter released by Google today, ACCC is planning news media negotiations About the draft law, erroneous information will be included,'' and if there are future charges for free services such as YouTube and passing user data to the media, ``Google will choose it''. Emphasized that it is done by.

The new legislation under consideration 'corrects the significant bargaining gap between Australia's news media business and Google/Facebook,' the ACCC said.

Response to Google open letter | ACCC

In response to the above ACCC announcement, a Google spokesperson said, 'Google does not say that the law requires a fee for free services such as YouTube and Google search. Google also pays for free services with the intention does not have 'to comment .

'What we're saying is that YouTube, which is a free service, and search are at risk in Australia, because the law wouldn't work if it went through.' 'For example, the law is all news media. We would like to inform you of algorithm changes and explain how to minimize their impact, and if Google complies with this law, it will seriously damage your product and user experience. This impacts our ability to continue to show the most relevant and useful results to Google Search and YouTube,' said a spokeswoman.

The bill will be discussed by August 28th.

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