Google launches 'Google News Showcase' one after another to pay usage fees to news sites, and contract agreement in Japan

Google has

announced that it will pay the media a news usage fee in 2020 after being pointed out that it 'visits news sites and extracts information on articles and earns a large amount of advertising revenue from it.' On February 10, 2021, it was discovered that Google has launched a new ' Google News Showcase ' that pays media usage fees in the United Kingdom, Argentina, and Australia.

Google News Showcase is launching in the UK

Launching in Argentina: Google News Showcase

Answering your top questions about Google News Showcase

The content of the Google News Showcase is also explained in the following movie.

Google News Showcase launches in the UK --YouTube

Google has announced that it has signed deals with publishers such as The Financial Times, The Independent, The Telegraph and Reuters in the United Kingdom, and says it will start curating from a total of more than 120 news media. Most of the media participating in the program are local newspapers that do not have the resources of digital migration that major newspapers have.

The Google News Showcase is essentially a system where Google takes over the subscription fee, allowing users to read some of the articles delivered as paid content for free. Google says it helps journalism and 'helps users better understand what's more important to them.'

The news showcase panel extends the news that readers are seeing, saying, 'Editors of publishers who deliver news can explain complex topics and deepen their understanding.' “We'll give publishers more ways to explain in their own voice, giving them more direct control over presentations and branding,” Google said.

On the same day, Google also announced the launch of the Google News Showcase in Argentina and Australia. Forty publishers in Argentina and seven publishers in Australia have agreed to the deal. In the past, Google also suggested that Google search would be withdrawn from Australia over the payment of content usage fees.

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Google has also revealed that it has reached an agreement with several Japanese media outlets. Regarding the contract in Japan, Google has not announced the name of the news media, and the start time of the service is undecided.

US Google agrees on article usage fee agreement with multiple Japanese news media: Economy: News: Yomiuri Online

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