It turns out that Google will pay the media a total of 8 billion yen as a news usage fee, what are the details?

Google distributes various contents on Google News , and is moving to pay publishers the usage fee for the distribution of these contents. Google has already signed contracts with media around the world, and Reuters is reporting new details on previously unknown royalties.

Exclusive: Google's $ 76 million deal with French publishers leaves many outlets infuriated | Reuters

Google has long beencriticized for making money by collecting and distributing news and content published by the media. In response, Google has signed revenue sharing agreements with media around the world and agreed to pay content usage fees. In January 2021, it announced that it had reached an agreement with a French publisher, but did not provide details of the royalties paid.

Google agrees to pay 'news royalties' to French news outlets-GIGAZINE

In a follow-up to the above, Reuters reports that Google has signed a total payment agreement with 121 French publishers for $ 76 million.

The first document confirmed by Reuters stated that Google would pay 121 French national and local news publishers $ 22 million annually on a three-year contract. thing. Google has separate license agreements with both publishers.

And in the second document, the publisher was promised to pay $ 10 million in return for not filing a copyright infringement claim while the three-year contract was valid. ..

According to the document, the amount of payment from Google to the publisher varies, and it is 1.3 million dollars (about 136 million yen) for Le Monde, which has a circulation of 290,000, but La Voix, which publishes a local newspaper The amount paid to de la Haute Marne is 13,741 (about 1.4 million yen). In addition, several national daily newspapers, including Le Monde, and their groups will pay $ 3.6 million annually for selling subscriptions through Google, in addition to the above contract fees. Payments are under negotiation, sources said.

It is believed that the above contracts could serve as templates for contracts with Europe and around the world, but on the other hand, it is not clear how much Google is generating revenue from Google News, and information is available. It has been pointed out that it is opaque.

'What kind of calculations are being done is not disclosed, such an opaque contract does not guarantee the fair treatment of all news publishers,' said Spirit, an independent French news site. Said.

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