'Spicy hot chicken fillet burger' where you can enjoy fried chicken that sticks out of the buns and 'Soy BBQ cheeseburger' with patties made from soybeans

Lotteria's classic menu from February 15, 2021 is ' Spicy Hot Chicken Fillet Burger ' sandwiched with crispy outside and juicy fried chicken inside, and ' Soy BBQ Cheeseburger ' sandwiched with ' Soy Patty' using soybeans. Has appeared as. I actually ate two hamburgers and checked the taste.

~ Lotteria's spicy chicken burger! ~ 'Spicy Hot Chicken Fillet Burger' will be on sale as a regular menu from February 15, 2021 (Monday)! | Campaign | Lotteria


-A new product is now available for healthy burgers using 'Soy Patty'! ~ 'Soy BBQ Cheeseburger' will be on sale as a regular menu from February 15, 2021 (Monday)! | Campaign | Lotteria

Arrived at Lotteria to get two new standard menu items.

In the store, the desired 'spicy hot chicken fillet burger' is appealing.

This time, I ordered 'Spicy Hot Chicken Fillet Burger' (left) and 'Soy BBQ Cheeseburger' (right) for takeout and brought them home.

The 'Spicy Hot Chicken Fillet Burger' looks like this. Fried chicken sticks out of the buns.

To compare the size, it looks like this when placed side by side with the iPhone 12 Pro .

Remove the buns to check the ingredients. The buns are lightly toasted and painted with red

sriracha sauce .

Fried chicken is also coated with sriracha sauce.

Lettuce and onions were sandwiched under the fried chicken.

When you cut it with a knife and check the cross section, it looks like this.

When I actually tried 'Spicy Hot Chicken Fillet Burger', the fried chicken batter was crispy and the meat inside was plump. In addition, Sriracha sauce has a spicy taste and you can enjoy a strong spiciness. The seasoning of sriracha sauce is strong, but the fried chicken itself is a simple seasoning. In addition, thanks to the lettuce and onions sandwiched together, the burger has a light aftertaste.

The 'Soy BBQ Cheeseburger' looks like this.

It looks like this when placed side by side with the iPhone 12 Pro.

The buns are lightly toasted and coated with BBQ sauce. In addition, cheese and onions are sandwiched on the soy patties.

In addition, pickles and Lotteria's original 'honey mustard sauce' were sandwiched under the soy patties.

When I actually eat it, the soy patties are sweetly seasoned. The texture of soy patty is similar to that of meat, but the flavor of meat is not felt and it is a light flavor. Also, the BBQ sauce and honey mustard sauce are also sweetened, so it was a burger that was sweet overall and easy for children to eat.

'Spicy Hot Chicken Fillet Burger' is 420 yen excluding tax, and 'Soy BBQ Cheeseburger' is 364 yen excluding tax, and can be eaten at Lotteria nationwide from February 15, 2021.

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