IBM announces next-generation processor 'POWER 10' for cloud, expected to be marketed by the end of 2021

IBM announced the

POWER10 processor for data centers on August 17, 2020. 14nm was a process, ' POWER9 ' POWER10 'of 7nm process that has made significant progress from' is equipped with a such as a dedicated module to improve the performance of artificial intelligence (AI) to the conventional 20-fold.

IBM Reveals Next-Generation IBM POWER10 Processor-Aug 17, 2020

IBM: Power10 CPU's'Memory Inception' Is Industry's'Holy Grail'

IBM takes Power10 processors down to 7nm with Samsung, due to ship by end of 2021 • The Register

IBM, which attended the semiconductor chip conference ' Hot Chips 32 ' held online from August 16, 2020, announced the company's first 7nm process CPU for server made by Samsung 'POWER 10' ..

According to the announcement, POWER10 has improved the capacity and energy efficiency of the power envelope (power consumption frame) by up to 3 times from POWER9, and also introduced a new technology called 'Memory Inception'. This allows multiple POWER10s to share a petabyte- sized memory, enabling the operation of a large-scale AI model that requires a large amount of memory, as well as improving the capacity and economic efficiency of cloud services. Expected to be connected.

In addition, by incorporating the built-in hardware module 'Matrix Math Accelerator',

FP32 (single precision floating point arithmetic) per socket, , BFloat16 (16-bit floating point operation) and INT8 (8-bit integer operation) have improved AI processing power 10 times, 15 times and 20 times that of POWER9, respectively.

From a security perspective, IBM also said that by encrypting the data in memory on the hardware side rather than the software, a high level of security is maintained without compromising performance.

``Containerized software Red Hat OpenShift is emerging as the standard choice for the hybrid cloud industry as Red Hat OpenShift emerges as the standard choice for the hybrid cloud industry,'' said Steven Leonard, general manager at IBM Cognitive Systems. With optimized POWER10, we can realize hardware-based large capacity and enhanced container security at the infrastructure level.'

Steve Sibley, vice president of Power Systems at IBM, told the IT news site CRN, “By moving to 7nm, the efficiency and functionality of the chip design has improved significantly. In particular, Memory Inception Large-scale cloud operators, called hyperscalers, are expected to revolutionize the industry by allowing them to incredibly reduce costs.'

According to Sibley, the Power10 will be delivered to customers by the end of the fourth quarter of 2021.

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