Facebook may ban users from sharing news, following new Australian bill

A bill was announced in Australia, stating that 'Social media delivering news articles must pay the news article usage fee to the news publisher who published the article.' Facebook has received the bill, saying, 'If the bill is passed, news sharing in Australia must be banned.'

An Update About Changes to Facebook's Services in Australia-About Facebook


Facebook threatens to block news in Australia if regulations are enacted

Social media such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter have become important tools for delivering various news to users. However, there was some criticism that 'advertising revenue is monopolized by social media rather than the original news source' because the access is concentrated on articles distributed by social media rather than the original article.

In response to such criticism, Facebook said, 'From January to May 2020, there were 2.3 billion link clicks from Facebook's news feed to Australian news sites, totaling an estimated A$ 200 million traffic (about 31 billion yen) traffic There was an argument.”

'Australian news agencies have chosen to deliver news on Facebook for good reason and encourage them to increase their readership by sharing the news across social media platforms,' he said. Facebook insisted.

On July 31, 2020, the Australian Committee on Competition and Consumers released a bill on news royalties. It has indicated that social media such as Google and Facebook will be required to pay the news article usage fee to the news sender.

Australian news media to negotiate payment with major digital platforms | ACCC


In response, Facebook said, 'The Australian government's goal is to support difficult news outlets, especially local newspapers, and has been extensively involved with the Australian Competitive Consumer Commission, which has led the effort. The solution is counterproductive to that goal,' he said.

However, Facebook has said it would have to ban Australian publishers and users from sharing local and international news on Facebook and Instagram if the bill were passed and enforced. I will.

``The announced bill is unprecedented and aims to regulate every aspect of how technology companies do business with news publishers,'' Facebook said, bringing social media sources to news sources. He criticized me for ignoring economic value.

'This is not the first choice for Facebook, but the last choice for Facebook,' said Will Easton, managing director of Australia at Facebook, but to protect yourself from the unreasonable consequences of the Australian news industry. There is only this choice.'

Google has also issued a statement against the Australian bill.

Google announces a statement against the law that ``Google and Facebook must pass news reader data to the media''-GIGAZINE

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