'Atsume Animal Forest' is the most talked-about game on Twitter in the first half of 2020, Twitter announces statistics on 'Games and eSports'

Twitter has released 'Game and Esports Statistics' for the first half of 2020. It reveals the most tweeted countries about the game, and the most followed game related topics.

Twitter insights on gaming and esports for the first half of 2020


Over 1 billion game related tweets were posted in the first half of 2020. When viewed by date, the distribution limited event `` PS5 - '' which announced the launch title of March 20 which is the release date of Atsume Animal Crossing and the next generation PlayStation 5 PlayStation 5 Game related tweets have been increasing rapidly in ' THE FUTURE OF GAMING SHOW '.

Games have become a hot topic in many countries in 2020, and gamers around the world have talked about games on Twitter. Among them, Japan was the number one in 'the most tweeted countries about games'. The second place and below are America, South Korea, Brazil, Thailand, France, United Kingdom, India, Spain, and the Philippines.

In November 2019, a feature called '

Topic ' that allows you to follow tweets about a specific topic appeared, making it easier to check tweets about your favorite game. In the first half of 2020, 'gaming' was the first and 'esports' was the second most popular topic. At 3rd place is 'Atsume Animal Crossing', which is the top game title. The fourth place and below are ' Call of Duty ' which became popular due to the addition of the basic royal free battle royal mode ' Call of Duty: Warzone ', and the fifth place follows the announcement of a lot of information on 'PlayStation 5' 'PlayStation' is ranked in.

The most frequently tweeted game title is 'Doubutsu no Mori', followed by 'Fate/Grand Order', '

Final Fantasy ', 'Disney Twisted Wonderland', and ' Fort Knight '. You can see that the game titles that are followed by many users as topics do not necessarily generate many tweets.

The most talked-about esports brand in the first half of 2020 is FaZe Clan, which has many FPS teams. The second place is ' Made in Brazil ', which is composed mainly of Brazilians, and the third place is ' G2 Esports ', which has a team that holds the hegemony in the ' League of Legend ' scene in Europe.

Various game-related events were held online in the first half of 2020. The number of tweets of game-related events is 1st place 'PS 5-THE FUTURE OF GAMING SHOW', 2nd place is '

Nico Nico Nico Net Chokaigi', 3rd place is the title to be released on the next-generation Xbox ' Xbox Series X ' etc. It was 'Xbox Games Showcase'. As a special note regarding game-related events, Twitter notes that 'PS5-THE FUTURE OF GAMING SHOW' increased game-related conversations by 82% in a month.

The most tweeted of the game titles announced at 'PS5-THE FUTURE OF GAMING SHOW' is '

Marvel's SPIDER-MAN Miles Morales '. Second place was ' Horizon Forbidden West ' and third place was ' Gran Turismo 7 '.

On the other hand, at Electronic Arts online game event '

EA Play Live ', sports games such as skateboard game ' SKATE ', American football game ' Madden NFL 21 ' and soccer game ' FIFA 21 ' are popular.

Ubisoft's online game conference '

Ubisoft Forward ' topped the list of open-world action games such as the survival FPS ' FarCray 6 ', the climb action game ' Watch Dogs Legion ', and the stealth action game ' Assassin's Creed Valhalla '. ..

In the 'Xbox Games Showcase', the popular FPS series '

Halo ' latest work ' Halo Infinite ', fantasy RPG ' Fable ', survival action ' State Of Decay 3 ' were talked about.

Regarding the above statistical information, Twitter touched on the epidemic of the new coronavirus and said, ``As many people stay at home and keep safe, the topic related to games on Twitter does not seem to slow down. He said, 'I expect game-related tweets to flourish in the second half of 2020.'

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