What "FINAL FANTASY XIV (FF 14)" announces electric shock, PS3 will be released as the exclusive title next year

It becomes a new model of PSP"PSP Go" and "Gran Turismo"In addition to the official announcement,"Metal Gear Solid" and "Resident Evil"Although leading titles such as such were announced at once for PSP, what a Square Enix "FINAL FANTASY XIV (FINAL FANTASY 14)"Dengeki was announced.

For the platform, consumers will be monopolized by PS 3 and will be released next year.

Details are as below.
Kotaku - PS3 Exclusive Final Fantasy XIV Announced - Final Fantasy XIV

Engadget & amp; Joystiq live from Sony's E3 2009 keynote

According to these articles, Square Enix will release the latest FINAL FANTASY XIV of the Final Fantasy series in 2010.

"FINAL FANTASY XIV" is said to be an online game, consumers will be offered exclusively to PS3. In addition, the release timing is said to be after the release of "FINAL FANTASY XIII" overseas next spring.

FF 14 logo

Published trailer

As of June 3rd 5: 25, it is possible to watch the trailer with the following link.
YouTube - FINAL FANTASY XIV Online (14-Fourteen) Playstation 3 EXCLUSIVE - TRAILER REVEALED - E3 2009

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