"Final Fantasy XIII" will be released on Xbox 360

According to Yoichi Wada, Square Enix at the press conference "X3 360 Media Briefing" of the big event of the game industry "E3 Media & Business Summit 2008", it announced and announced that "FINAL FANTASY XIIIIt is said that we will release it.

Details are as follows.
E3 2008: Final Fantasy 13 Confirmed for Xbox 360

"FFXIII" also developed in Xbox 360 in Europe and the US - Famitsu.com

Microsoft, "Xbox 360 Media Briefing" held. "FINAL FANTASY XIII" is released on Xbox 360 in the West!

A state when this was announced.

YouTube - Final Fantasy 13 for the Xbox 360

At the end of the conference, a preview movie (same as previously showed at the previous game show etc) was played and according to what was announced, "FINAL FANTASY XIII" has already been confirmed to be released on PS 3 However, in the US and Europe, the Xbox 360 version was also released, and in Japan it is said that this Xbox 360 version will not be released at this time. In other words, although overseas will deploy multi-platform, it seems to be PS 3 only in Japan.

Since Square Enix's press conference is coming up shortly, there is a high possibility that further follow-up will be issued.

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