"Final Fantasy XIII" will be released on PC version and Nvidia mentioned on the official website

Partnering with Square in the development of "Final Fantasy XI"didNvidiaA site for PC gamers officially operated "NZone","Final Fantasy XIIII mentioned that the PC version will be released as well. Is it true?

The details to worry about is as follows.
Square Enix Migrates to PC Development Tools

In the above article, it is mainly written that Square Enix has already transferred the game development environment on PC, PS 3, Xbox 360 (only for Europe and North America), and PC version of Final Fantasy XIII come I am doing.

At first glance Nvidia translated Japanese and made a mistake, "Last RemnantIs it confused with PC version release of? Although it is not unexpected, in fact the development environment for Square Enix's new Final Fantasy "Crystal Tools"Is designed to work on a PC.

Mr. Sukiya Murata, "White Engine" revised "Crystal Tools" officially announced "The Technology of FINAL FANTASY", full question and response included!

"Crystal Tools" is the company's first company-wide common development base, and it consists of an authorization tool and a runtime library. The target platform will be PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii.

4Gamer.net - [GDC 2008 # 33] What is the Square Original Engine "Crystal Tools" made for Final Fantasy?

Although Crystal Tools consists of authoring tools and libraries, in addition to PS3, Xbox 360, etc., it also supports PC securely. It is said that it is already being used in the development of "Final Fantasy XIII" and "Final Fantasy Versus XIII" currently under construction, and development of new online games.
Since it corresponds to PC with much effort, I would like to expect further development in PC games in the future.

And some articles already reported that the PC version of "Final Fantasy XIII" should be "possible".

4Gamer.net - [E3 2008 # 03] Xbox 360 release of "Final Fantasy XIII" is a choice to have more fans enjoy. And the PC version ...... (Final Fantasy XIII)

At the recital of Microsoft, the release of the PC version of the "last remnant" was officially announced, but it is said that FF XIII is undecided. FF XIII is being developed with "Crystal Tools", and after making the base part on PC, the adjustment is done for PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360. Therefore, the PC version of FF XIII seems not to have such a problem technically, but in Japan it seems that there are various problems that can not be solved by technology alone so that Xbox 360 version will not be released. Nonetheless, there are past that "PC Final Fantasy VII" and "Final Fantasy VIII" have been released. Although there was a surprise that FF XIII will be released on Xbox 360, it is not surprising that there may be a story saying that PC version will be released someday.

I do not think that Nvidia will send misinformation on the official website, but will it really come out?

According to Nvidia, Square Enix is ​​planning a big event next month in Tokyo, where he will announce the first information on all the titles of Final Fantasy.

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