'Pal World' has over 1.3 million concurrently connected players and cumulative sales of 4 million copies on Steam

The new game '

Pal World ' by Japanese game developer Pocket Pair has achieved 1.3 million simultaneous players on Steam and cumulative sales of 4 million copies within 3 days of release.

Palworld is now one of just six games to ever hit more than 1m concurrent players on Steam | Eurogamer.net

Pal World was released on January 19, 2024, and cumulative sales on Steam reached 4 million copies in about 3 days after its release. Palworld's sales pace is 86,000 units per hour.

Steam's official statistical data has revealed that the number of simultaneous users (in-game players) of Pal World on Steam was 1,291,967 at its peak.

According to Steam Charts , an unofficial database that collects and analyzes Steam statistical data, Steam's historical ranking of concurrently connected players is as follows.

1st place: PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS: 3,236,027 people (January 2018)
2nd place: Counter-Strike 2: 1,802,853 people (May 2023)
3rd place: Lost Ark: 1,324,761 people (February 2022)
4th place: Dota 2: 1,291,328 people (March 2016)
5th place: Pal World: 1,284,221 people (January 2024)
6th place: ELDEN RING: 952,523 people (March 2022)
7th place: New World: 913,027 people (October 2021)
8th place: Baldur's Gate 3: 875,343 people (August 2023)
9th place: Cyberpunk 2077: 830,387 people (December 2020)
10th place: Goose Goose Duck: 701,898 people (January 2023)

Official Steam statistics and Steam Charts show that the number of concurrently connected players is slightly less than 1.3 million, but the Palworld official X account claims that the number of concurrently connected players exceeds 1.3 million. Additionally, as a result of this, an unusual load has been placed on the server, and an unknown failure is occurring in Epic Online Service, making multiplayer unavailable.

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