When Fort Knight's server goes down, search number of 'Fortnite' rises on adult site

" Fort Knight " which included building elements not found in regular battle royal games is now the most momentum to hold Fortnite Summer Skirmish , which releases the Nintendo Switch version and competes for about 8 billion weeks of prize money of about 900 million yen It is no exaggeration to say that the game on board. In such Fort Knight, items that can get regularly by battle map and game play have been updated, and from July 12, 2018 "Season 5" where new map & items appear appears has started. In line with the start of this season 5, the data reveals that the search word "Fortnite" has risen sharply on the adult site Pornhub.

Fortnite: Pornhub Battle Royale - Pornhub Insights

Fortnite Season 5 - Pornhub Insights

Fort Knight, released in September 2017, is one of the content that has steadily increased the number of searches on Pornhub since its appearance. The graph below shows how "the number of Fort Knight related words searched" has changed on Pornhub from September 2017 when Fort Knight was released to March 2018. The average number of times Fort Knight related words are searched is 1.0, indicating how the number of searches changed. On March 18, 2018 the number of searches has increased by 824%, so it is obvious that the number of searches has increased as you climb to the right.

The "Fort Knight related word" frequently used during the same period is as follows. It seems that there are many people searching for "fortnite" simply, followed by words such as "hentai" "porn" "battle royale".

In addition, the following are the most frequent words examined before and after searching "Fort Knight related words". "Overwatch ( over-watch )" and " pubg ", "rainbow six seige ( Rainbow Six Siege )," such as action shooter game battle royal games are lined up well, also seen tidbit game titles of other genres.

Besides that, it is clear that men are 136% more male than females, 77% more iOS users than Android users, searching for Fort Knight related words on Pornhub. In addition, the age group is predominantly 18 to 24 years old overwhelmingly, which is 361% more than the average of all age groups.

It is like this when you line up the top 25 countries where many users search for Fort Knight related words. Three of Finland, France and Ireland are searching for Fort Knight on Pornhub, America is ranked 6th, Japan is out of service. When you think that "hentai" was included in frequently used Fort Knight related words, you can see that the word hentai is often used in countries other than Japan.

Fort Knight is growing even after Pornhub published the survey data in March, 2018, and at the same time the number of searches on Pornhub is "popular word top 20 searched frequently on Pornhub" It seems to have grown into. According to Pornhub, Fort Knight seems to be uniquely searched more than 100,000 times a day on average.

Meanwhile, at the start of Season 5, it seems that there was a query from Forbes saying "Were there any changes in search results with new updates?" When Pornhub investigated, it seems that it turned out that the search number of Fort Knight related words is rising towards July 12 when the season 5 starts. The graph below shows the increase in the number of searches. On September 12th Season 5 started, the search word related to Fort Knight was 49% more than the average average. This seems that Fort Knight related words are to be ranked in word top 15 frequently searched on Pornhub.

On July 12th, when an update to Season 5 was released, many users tried to play with Fort Knight, so access was concentrated and the server crashed at 21 o'clock on the same day. The following graph shows how the number of searches for Fort Knight related words on July 12 when season 5 was updated varied according to the time zone, and the server fell down and could not play 21 Sometimes I record the highest 116% increase. Pornhub says, "Because the server is down and you can not play with friends online, you might have decided to go to Pornhub instead and play with yourself."

According to Pornhub, "This is not the first time that the number of searches for Fort Knight related words on Pornhub has risen as a result of the Fort Knight's server going down." On April 11, 2018, the server of Fort Knight seemed to have been stopped almost for a whole day, and the number of searching for Fort Knight related words on that day seems to be 60% higher than the average.

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