I tried playing 'Mikutap' which Hatsune Miku sings for free according to the tap

Hatsune Miku sings along with taps and swipes, ' Mikutap ' is a free service to play. Can be used from both smartphones and PCs, no download required. I used the smartphone version to see what kind of songs Hatsune Miku would sing.



To use 'Mikutap', access the above URL and tap 'START'.

Since the background music begins to flow, tap or swipe anywhere on the screen and Hatsune Miku will start singing.

In the following movie, Hatsune Miku was actually sung by Mikutap's smartphone version. One tap will sing one syllable.

I tried using the smartphone version of ``Mikutap'' that Hatsune Miku sings according to the tap-YouTube

Mikutap is a work inspired by ' Patatap ' where you can enjoy animations and sound effects according to the keyboard and taps. In addition to songs, circles and squares appear in various colors on the screen as you tap.

Mikutap's smartphone version has Hatsune Miku singing with a random sound according to the tap. There is no score or time limit, you can tap it as you like with or without BGM.

You can change the settings without touching the screen for a while. 'FEEDBACK' can switch on/off the display of the semi-transparent white square displayed on the screen when tapped.

The following is the rectangle that appears when you tap the screen.

BACKTRACK can be switched on and off for BGM, and if you turn it off, you can enjoy only Hatsune Miku songs.

Mikutap can be used on smartphones and PCs, and in the PC version, Hatsune Miku will sing along with keyboard input. In the PC version, the syllable corresponding to each keyboard is fixed, so if you learn the sound of each keyboard, you can play your favorite song.


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