Puzzle game "Adrift" that connects the same colors without crossing lines

"Adrift" is a puzzle game where three planes of a cube are used as a stage, and the stars of the same color placed at a distance are connected with a line. However, there is a rule that there are multiple combinations of stars, and the lines connecting them must not intersect.

Adrift · A puzzle game in worlds of whimsy.

With HP above, you can actually play Adrift. A total of 10 stages are prepared, so that you can understand the rules as you play. Click "PLAY NOW" at the bottom left.

It is level 1. If you tie the red star and the blue star without crossing it is clear.

Clear to tie like this. Click "CONTINUE TO NEXT LEVEL" to proceed to the next stage.

At level 5 it looks like this. There are three kinds of stars increasing.

At the last level 10, there are 5 kinds of stars.

By the time Clear Level 10, Adrift's rules are completely mastered.

You can play only up to level 10 on the official website,"Adrift" in the App StoreThen you can play far more than that. When installing, an icon with such a star appears, so tap to start the game.

The first stage is "TUTORIAL (tutorial)".

Just as a tutorial, it's easier than the stage you played on the official website.

Complete all 5 tutorials, 100% complete.

The next stage is "HANGING LAKE". There are 45 faces in all.

At level 17 it is roughly like this.

It is becoming complicated and slowly.

Level 24. There are tiles of unfamiliar colorful color, but this is a block called OK, even if the lines intersect exceptionally.

I could clear it by crossing the blue and green lines.

This is Level 25, the number of stars connecting 5 pairs.

Level 30. The area of ​​the gray block which can not pass the line increases and the time to think will increase.

Somehow cleared.

Level 33, where to start from ... ....

So, when you can not help it, tap "USE HINT" at the bottom left of the screen.

By tapping stars of any color, you can let them know the correct route that connects the stars. There are three hints that you can use for free, and after that, 10 hints will cost you 85 yen.

This time Orange is chosen.

When it is said that it is difficult with only one, it is an ant that uses hints twice on the same stage.

I could clear it thanks to the hint.

In addition, if you are free to play 45 HANGING LAKE free stages and want to challenge other stages, you will be charged for a fee. This "SKY PEAK" is 85 yen in total, 90 faces.

"SWIFT SANDS" is 85 yen and it is all 80 sides.

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