4 Jelly Human Battle Royal Game "Jelly Battle"

Four jelly humans are battle games that try to defeat opponents using various attack items and support items. Before,Jelly game "Jelly Jumper" that humans jumpingI introduced it, it seems that the new version.

Access is from the following.
Multiplayer Jelly Battle - A Logitech game

title. Does Logitech like jelly people?

There are three difficulty levels.

The player is a blue jelly human on the left. Select the place to jump next until the time gauge above becomes 0. As the block jumps, it moves down one position, so you must move in anticipation of it.

Purple is an attack panel. There are attack methods such as bombing and laser.

Strong nuclear attack.

Yellow is teleport, green is recovering, blue is various support items. As red is a mine it should not be stepped on.

Level clear if you defeat other jelly.

If you clear level 3 (Hard) in multiplayer mode you get code of Logitech product 20% OFF.

Just like "Jelly Jumper", it seems that you can get the code by sending your name and email address.

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