I tried a 7-Eleven 'Uji Matcha Parfait Hydrangea Jelly' where a refreshing lemon jelly that looks like a hydrangea colors Uji matcha

A Japanese parfait ' Uji Matcha Parfais Hydrangea Jelly ' featuring refreshing lemon jelly and Uji Matcha agar & panna cotta, registered as a hydrangea from Seven-Eleven. It also contains ingredients such as milk mousse with mild sweetness and white balls, so it looks like a fun parfait, so I actually tried it.

Uji Matcha Parfait Hydrangea Jelly-Seven-Eleven


This is 'Uji Matcha Parfait Hydrangea Jelly'

The raw materials are milk, sugar, shiratama powder, lemon juice, gelatin, sweetened condensed milk, green tea, agar, etc.

Calories are 350 kcal per meal.

It looks like this when you open the lid and lid.

Lemon jelly with the image of blue and pink hydrangea……

White balls and matcha whipped toppings.

The middle tier contains milk mousse, and below that is a layer of mixed green tea panna cotta and green tea agar.

First of all, when you try eating from hydrangea-style lemon jelly, the refreshing taste of lemon spreads in your mouth. The jelly itself is hard, but since it is finely crushed and granulated, it feels like it melts in the mouth more quickly than if you eat ordinary jelly. The sourness was not strong, but the flavor of lemon was firmly felt.

Shiratama has a firm texture. Matcha whipped has a slight bitterness, but it has a hint of lemon juice and is refreshing.

The lower layers of matcha panna cotta and matcha agar have a matcha flavor that balances sweetness and bitterness, and goes great with sweet milk mousse. Hard agar, which gives a firm texture, adds an accent to the texture.

'Uji Matcha Parfait Hydrangea Jelly' can be purchased from June 9, 2020 at Seven-Eleven stores except for some stores for a limited time. The price is 313 yen including tax.

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