'Facebook should change policy by the presidential election,' presidential candidate Joe Biden sued


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Democratic Party Joe Biden, who has served as Vice President for eight years under President Barack Obama, is certain to be nominated as a formal candidate by the Democratic Party in the 2020 US presidential election. Mr. Biden said to Facebook, who has been accused of illegally using data for 50 million people in the 2016 presidential election, ``I should change the policy before the 2020 presidential election starts'', himself I appealed on the campaign site.

– Joe Biden for President

Biden slams Facebook for letting Trump run wild and demands policy changes in open letter | TechCrunch

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In recent years, the issue of 'how social media should respond to political statements' has become a problem, and SNS companies are busy with measures such as eradication of fake news and regulation of bot accounts. I will. At the end of May 2020, President

Donald Trump posted a post suggesting the use of force in connection with the protest against black discrimination that is occurring all over the United States, but Twitter ``praises violence'' in the post While it judged that it was content, it displayed a warning , but Facebook was accused of not labeling it specially.

President Trump strongly criticized this move for Twitter, which labeled his post, as 'interference in the election.' Social media argues that conservative remarks should not be suppressed or censored, and limits the disclaimer, which is recognized by social media companies, such as 'actions such as deleting user posts based on good sense' I have signed the Presidential Decree .


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Just two weeks after that, Biden, who is in conflict with the Trump camp in the 2020 presidential election, appealed to Facebook on the official campaign site to fix 'a problem that threatens free and fair elections.' Mr. Biden pointed out that Facebook was illegally used in the 2016 presidential election, and as of June 2020, which was less than 5 months until the 2020 presidential election, Facebook still kept incorrect information among voters. I accuse it of continuing to spread.

The four 'responsible actions important to the health of democracy' that Biden demands from Facebook are:

• Promote authoritative and authoritative sources of elections, rather than radical villains or conspiracy theories.
· Quickly eliminate the spread of wrong information.
-Prevent election candidates and Republicans from using pay advertisements to spread false alarms and lies, especially within two weeks after the election date.
· Establish clear rules that prohibit the threat and lie about election methods, even the president is no exception.

TechCrunch responded by saying: 'Most of the points are general criticisms of social networks, but a two-week 'pre-election period' suggestion that Facebook needs a fact check before displaying political ads.' Is new.'

“We have less than 150 days before the election. We are running out of time to set, test, and implement policies that protect our elections. We need to move fast and Facebook needs to be fixed right now. We asked our supporters to sign the petition.


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In an open letter, Biden argued that Zuckerberg had sought to become a platform for Facebook to improve American democracy rather than a tool for spreading fake news that undermines elections. But Facebook pointed out that it did not take any meaningful action, accusing 'this continues to allow Donald Trump to say whatever he likes'.

Facebook responded to Mr. Biden's call on June 11, 2020.

Response to Biden Campaign-About Facebook

In a response to Mr. Biden, Facebook said, 'We live in a democratic state, and elected politicians decide the rules for the campaign. Two weeks ago, the US president said social media sites were politics. We have signed a presidential decree that prevents us from engaging in activities such as fact-checking on political statements.' 'The elections in November protect political statements, even if we strongly disagree. I will answer. Even if the posts were politically unacceptable to Facebook, companies expressed their position that they would have to obey the rules set by the representatives of the elected states.

According to the New York Times analysis , Mr. Biden's camp spends $ 5 million (about 530 million yen) for Facebook advertisement in the first half of June only for the campaign, especially on June 4 It was said that he spent 1.6 million dollars (about 170 million yen) in just one day. The New York Times points out that this record is three times the maximum amount of money the Trump camp spends for advertising on Facebook each day.

Biden Pours Millions Into Facebook Ads, Blowing Past Trump's Record-The New York Times

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