'Sour taste matcha frappe' tasting review aiming for a matcha frozen drink to eat, a perfect balance between fragrant matcha and a refreshing crispy texture

On March 15, 2021 (Monday),

Lotte's 'Sou ', which has a distinctive crispy texture, and 'Matcha Frappe [Matcha & Vanilla]' with matcha frappe flavor appeared. It was said that he aimed to taste the matcha frozen drink that is popular in cafes, so I actually checked whether it was really a frozen drink.

Fresh taste matcha frappe [matcha & vanilla]

'Sour Umami Matcha Frappe [Matcha & Vanilla]' is a package reminiscent of the color of matcha, and a picture of tea leaves that is blended is also drawn.

By type, the matcha part is ice cream, and sugar, matcha, etc. are used as raw materials. The vanilla part is lacto ice, the non-fat milk solids content is 3.9%, the milk fat component is 1.2%, and sugar and dairy products are used as raw materials.

Each calorie is 171 kcal.

When I opened it, matcha ice cream and vanilla ice cream were swirling.

When you put a spoon in to scoop up a spoon, you can feel the unique crispness through the spoon.

When you eat a bite, the scent of matcha and the milky feeling of vanilla spread in your mouth. Matcha does not have much bitterness or astringency, so if you eat it in anticipation of a 'strong matcha taste', you will get a little bitter taste, but you can feel the flavor more firmly than the so-called 'matcha latte'. As for the taste, both matcha and vanilla insist on the right balance, which is a royal road finish. The crispy texture peculiar to refreshing matches the refreshingness of matcha, and when eaten slowly, the melted ice cream certainly had the feeling of a matcha frozen drink.

'Sour Umami Matcha Frappe [Matcha & Vanilla]' has been on sale since March 15, 2021, and the price is 140 yen excluding tax.

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