Amazon points out that it is ``selling racist technology to the police behind the scenes'' while expressing opposition to racism

by Ryan Racca

By the restraint of the police officers black men were killed incident in relation to racial discrimination issues that are rekindled in the United States in the wake of the, Amazon is on June 3, 2020, ' a total of 10 million to the African-American support groups We will make a donation of about $1 billion .' However, behind such anti-racism efforts, it is pointed out that 'Amazon provides police and other technologies with authentication systems and other technologies that produce racist results.'

Amazon “Stands in Solidarity” but Sells Racist Tech to Police

On June 1, 2020, Amazon told Twitter, 'We have to stop the unfair and brutal treatment of blacks. We are in solidarity with the black community, our employees, our customers, our partners, We stand up to the fight against structural racism and injustice.'

In addition, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos also mentioned empathy for the black community by mentioning the series of events in his Instagram account.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos and Microsoft executives speak out after a black man died while being detained by a police officer-GIGAZINE

by Phil Roeder

In response to this move, the US general news site The Intercept said, ``Amazon, like its competitors such as Facebook, Apple, Google, etc., expressed support for social justice and fair crackdown with tweets that stuck in the back teeth. However, Amazon stands out among the technology giants in providing tools to US law enforcement agencies that experts have pointed out would allow racist crackdown. I criticized Amazon severely.

The 'tool' pointed out by The Intercept is ' Amazon Rekognition ' which is a face authentication API developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) . Rekognition is provided in a variety of tissues regardless of the public and private sectors, the introduction track record of law enforcement There are multiple .

Amazon is not the only company that offers face recognition systems that utilize AI. However, when the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) validated each company's face recognition system, ``Amazon's face recognition system was only 68.63% to correctly recognize black women, far from Microsoft's 98.48%''. It has been pointed out that Rekognition has a problem with racial fairness in particular, as results have been obtained.

You can read more about the MIT experiment in the following articles:

Researchers of Amazon and MIT conflict over ``discrimination of Amazon's face recognition software''-GIGAZINE

by Joy Buolamwini

Chris Gilliard, an independent researcher studying surveillance and racism, told IT news site Wired, ``If Amazon really feels like there are black people, They should stop selling Rekognition and change the treatment of black employees,' said Amazon's disagreement.

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