Amazon shareholders submit a request to Bezos' request to "stop giving face recognition technology to the government"

It became clear that Amazon's developed face recognition technology is being offered to government agencies, but Amazon shareholders looking into this issue gave CEO Jeff Bezos " We should also stop providing the facial recognition technology to the government. "

Amazon shareholders demand company stop selling facial recognition technology to governments | The Independent

You can find out about selling the face recognition technology 'Amazon' developed Rekognition to the police by reading the following article.

It turns out that Amazon sells facial recognition software to police, and alarm bells are ringing as a possibility of being abused in citizen's surveillance - GIGAZINE

Thanks to American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Independent got information that 19 Amazon shareholders sent a letter to Bezos to stop giving to Rekognition government agencies .

Rekognition is aimed not only to detect and clear up sentenced burglars in the crowd, but also to the purpose of tracking the behavior of investigative agencies' actions of "people wary of engagement in incidents" to prevent crime The use of the technology is also being considered. For this reason, there is a criticism that the provision of Rekognition strongly supports the government's monitoring of citizens.

In a letter, Amazon shareholders are deeply concerned that Rekognition may aim for strengthening law enforcement, but ultimately it may infringe on citizenship and human rights.This technology is effective for skin We are worried about being used to monitor people on the grounds that they are color and immigrants, citizen's activities, etc. "By abusive use of Rekognition, the human rights of citizens If it can be threatened, it points out the problem.

In addition, "Strengthening government monitoring infrastructure technology may also discard Amazon's brand value." Amazon also refuses to comment on concerns raised by shareholders concerning the technology transfer to Rekognition's government.

Voice of concern about technology supply to government agencies has become a problem not only for Amazon but also for the development support of military technology by Google.

Google announced "Do not use AI technology for weapons development", announced "Principles of AI development" - GIGAZINE

There are also cases where global criticism gathers for Facebook that could not prevent the collection of user information.

Recognize that Facebook's Zuckerburg CEO who has been compromised by 50 million user data made a mistake - GIGAZINE

Eyes from stakeholders on the ethical aspects of high-tech companies with high technical skills such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook seem to be increasingly tough day by day.

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