Amazon announced that it will stop using face recognition technology by police for one year

Local time June 10, 2020, Amazon announced that it will suspend the use of its face recognition technology ' Rekognition ' by police for one year.

We are implementing a one-year moratorium on police use of Rekognition

Amazon bans police use of facial recognition technology for one year

Amazon has announced that it will be stopped by police at Rekognition. Amazon explains that the suspension of Rekognition is limited to police only, and protection groups such as ' Thorn ' and ' Marinus Analytics ' conducting international investigations on missing children will continue. Rekognition is available.

In the announcement, Amazon said, 'We have proposed that the government should tighten regulations to control the ethical use of facial recognition technology. A one-year grace period is enough time for Congress to build appropriate rules. We will work with you on request.'

Amazon has been selling Rekognition to law enforcement agencies since at least 2018, and many human rights groups have accused Amazon of 'providing more information than the police should handle.' However, as of November 2018, Amazon had shown its intention to 'continue to provide face enforcement technology to law enforcement agencies' despite criticism.

Amazon executives explain to employees that they will continue to provide face recognition software to law enforcement agencies-GIGAZINE

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However, there was a case in which a black man, George Floyd, died while being held by a white police officer. Criticism of the police and racism issues increased. There was also a problem that Rekognition had a low face recognition system for black women compared to other companies' products , so Amazon was also accused of selling racist technology.

Amazon points out that it is ``selling racist technology to the police behind the scenes'' while expressing opposition to racism-GIGAZINE

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On June 1, 2020, Amazon told Twitter, 'We must stop unfair and brutal treatment of blacks. We are in solidarity with the black community, our employees, customers and partners. We are fighting against structural racism and injustice,' said Black Fries Matter , a nationwide dissemination of police facial recognition technology following the death of George Floyd. It is considered to be exercise-friendly.

IBM, which provides face recognition technology similar to Rekognition, expressed concern that 'technology is used to promote discrimination and racial inequality,' and general face recognition It reveals its policy of withdrawing from the technology market.

IBM announces withdrawal from the facial recognition market, ``technology is concerned about promoting discrimination and inequality''-GIGAZINE

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