Twitter starts testing option to prompt 'read link ahead' at RT

From the idea that in order to deepen the discussion, it is better to read the content of the link ahead of time, when the user tried to do RT (retweet) on Twitter, the link of the article concerned was still on Twitter If it's not open, a test has begun to display options that prompt you to read the link first.

Twitter's RT function is a function to share links to existing tweets and websites. In addition to being used to spread interesting tweets and interesting images and videos, it is also used in news articles to point out that 'I think the information in this part is different'.

A new feature that Twitter is trying is that 'Is it better to read the link first?' when a user has not yet opened the link to the tweet or article they are about to RT on Twitter. To ask a question. It seems that the purpose is to deepen the discussion by allowing the user to understand the contents of the link destination before doing the RT.

In response to this news, the developer @letoams asked, 'How do I know what I saw in other tabs in my browser? Why do I keep track of what I read in the first place?'

Twitter support says, 'I just checked if I have opened the link on Twitter, it does not include those opened elsewhere' 'If you are told to read the link, it remains as it is You can also do RT.'

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