Chrome extension 'BetterSlack' to improve Slack's usability is suspended release on 4th from release

The Chrome extension " BetterSlack " to improve the usability of the communication tool " Slack " widely used for business use was stopped on 4th of August, Thursday, August 30, 2018. The reason is revealed by the author on their site.

Bye bye BetterSlack | g3rv4

Gervasio Marchand working at the community site " Stack Overflow ( Stack Overflow )" on computer technology, including programming information, felt that there are still some improvements using Slack and that there is still some name named "BetterSlack" I created a Chrome extension.

"BetterSlack" will allow you to hide certain people, create links to Hangouts, put a check to post on a specific channel by default, hide emoji next to your name, Google Drive or URL Invalidation of preview of. The following is a demonstration by Gervasio.

BetterSlack v1.0 - YouTube

Gervasio registered and released "BetterSlack" on the Chrome Web Store with fullness on Sunday, August 26, 2018. However, only two days later, on August 28 (Tue), an email from Slack Legal Team arrived under Gervasio. According to Gervasio, its content was that "BetterSlack" is contrary to Slack's usage policy.

Originally Gervasio assumed that there might be a complaint from Slack for the name "BetterSlack", so I immediately accepted that "I want you to remove the name Slack." However, the contact from Slack also included content that "Please fix the code so as not to affect the service". Gervasio wrote that "Slack lost the opportunity to improve its service" because it means that you can not make extensions that change Slack's usability, so Gervasio says it made me feel sad.

Mr. Gervasio wrote that something like this is due to the fact that the Stack Overflow menu bar was improved in response to user feedback and the case of the browser extension " Refined GitHub " to improve the usability of GitHub That's why. Especially, Refined GitHub is a user saying that the user has made extensions of the browser without permission as in this case, but in GitHub the product manager Luke Huffson contacts the author of Refined GitHub and can reflect it We are dealing with taking in GitHub body about it.

Hello from GitHub

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