Discovered that Chrome's extension Window Resizer contained malware

ByIan Broyles

Google Chrome 's extended function that is useful at the site of web site creation etc. from the ease of changing browser display size with one click "Window ResizerDuring the program, I discovered that malware-like things are tracked and sent on the keyboard. Currently, "Window Resizer" can not be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.

Malicious Chrome Extension - Google Product Forum!msg/chrome/mlAD1ygc0v0/Cc7IrHdmE5AJ

In the forum of Google, the discussion has arisen as Window Resizer is "to acquire personal information such as user ID and password". It seems to be a creator of Window ResizerIonut BotizanMr. Mr. said, "It is stated in the Terms of Service at the time of installation, it should have agreed", "You can disable the function" etc. are being refuted, but from the original user "It was also recommended to acquaintances, but now I am informing everyone to delete "and the reaction that is being returned.

At the time of writing the article, Window Resizer can not be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.

Ionut Botizan explains why we canceled the publication because it violated our policy on advertisement display. "

As far as I see the forum, it does not appear that the actual damage has occurred, but it seems that the user who is using it thinks about measures.

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