'YouTube will display slower on browsers other than Google Chrome,' notes Mozilla executives

A Mozilla executive who is releasing Firefox points out that on Twitter "YouTube display speed on browsers other than Google Chrome is obviously slowing down."

Google Said to Deliberately Make YouTube Slower on Microsoft Edge, Firefox

Since May 2017, Google's video sharing service YouTube has adopted a site design built with Google, a new JavaScript framework " Polymer ".

Mozilla's technical program manager, Chris Peterson, pointed out that on Twitter, since Polymer was adopted, the rate of loading YouTube on browsers other than Google Chrome is one fifth.

Mr. Peterson initially speculated that there is a problem with the specification called Shadow DOM , but as a result of verification, Firefox and Edge that do not support Polymer will use the code to make the function available We claim that the display speed of YouTube slowed down due to bottleneck . Also, the version of Polymer used on YouTube is old and 1.0, and it is argued that Firefox and Edge should be able to deal well with latest version 3.0.

YouTube still offers a site design before implementing Polymer for Internet Explorer 11 with about 3% share. Therefore, Mr. Peterson suggests that if you display the design before Polymer implementation by using third party add-ons and user scripts, you can speed up display speed with Firefox and Edge.

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