In Google Chrome 69, it turns out that Google's cookie remains even if 'delete all' cookie

by Isriya Paireepairit

Even if you deleted cookies and site data from the web browser " Google Chrome 69 " that Google updated on September 4, 2018, Google and YouTube cookies will remain and you will not be able to completely delete cookies understood.

Chrome 69 will keep Google Cookies when you tell it to delete all cookies | Hacker News

In Chrome 69, the behavior of the login function has been changed and it is a specification that logs in to Chrome automatically when logging in to use Google services such as Gmail and Google Documents. However, it is pointed out that this automatic login function has a privacy problem.

GIGAZINE notes that it is a "dark pattern" that tricks users against specification changes when logging into Google services on Chrome 69 automatically logging in to Chrome -

Christophe Tavan, CTO of Digital Media / Contentpass , notes the phrase "I will never sign out from my Google Account" that appears when deleting cookies on Chrome 69 and " Delete cookie '' Thank you Chrome 'and sarcastically commented tweets.

After Mr. Tavan actually cleared the cookie on Chrome 69, I checked whether cookie was left, and there was a surprisingly only Google-related cookie left. Chrome 69 said that even if cookies were deleted in the way advocated by Google's support, only Google's cookies were instantly recreated.

On the other hand, Parisa Tabriz , Google Chrome development team leader, said, "As long as you are signed in to Chrome, Chrome creates and restores Google's authentication cookie," allowing Chrome to recreate the cookie I did not invalidate the authentication cookie unless I log out.

Mr. Tabris has commented on this subject "We are planning to change the specification of Chrome 69".

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