Pointed out that YouTube intentionally slows down video loading speed for Firefox and Edge users

It has been pointed out that the video sharing site YouTube may be intentionally slowing down the video loading speed of users on Mozilla's

Firefox web browser and Microsoft's Edge .

YouTube is reportedly slowing down videos for Firefox users


a video posted to the social news site Reddit, there is a delay of about 5 seconds when loading a YouTube video using Firefox. On the other hand, it has been reported that if you change the browser you use to Google's genuine web browser Chrome, the delay that occurred with Firefox disappears and the video loads immediately.

Additionally, one user pointed out that YouTube's JavaScript code contains code that intentionally adds a 5-second delay. The code below is included in YouTube's JavaScript code and appears to be intentionally adding a 5-second delay to browsers other than Chrome.

Foreign media Android Authority says, ``In our environment, we were unable to confirm any delay in YouTube videos on Firefox or Edge.'' On the other hand, multiple users on Reddit are reporting delays, with one user

claiming , 'The delays occurred even though I didn't have any extensions enabled,' and said that the video was delayed. We point out the possibility of this happening for each account.

Also, on Reddit, there is a discussion on whether the 5 second delay is caused by advertisements that are displayed before the actual video starts. According to some users, YouTube may be set to display ads for at least 5 seconds before the video starts. As a result, it has been pointed out that when a user using an ad blocker loads a video, the video may behave as if it were delayed for the 5 seconds that the ad would normally be displayed.

Android Authority asked Google for comment on this matter, but Google had not left any comments at the time of article creation.

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