Misdo's `` Cherry Blossoming Donut '' such as `` Sakura French Sakura Flavor '' with cherry-colored French cruller and cherry-blossom-style glaze collectively tasting review

There are 10 types, from Mr. Donuts, which introduces cherry-flavored donuts in the spring, such as '

Cherry blossom fashion ' and ' Cherry blossom donut ' with the image of cherry blossoms, to ' Sakura French ', a French crueler with cherry blossom flavor, March 6, 2020 Appears from Friday. I bought it at a shop and ate it to check the finish of 10 kinds of new donuts dyed cherry color.

Donut with cherry blossoms | New Products | Mr. Donut

When I arrive at Mr. Donut ...

The door is labeled 'Donuts with cherry blossoms' and the shop is in spring.

Ten new products were lined up at the store.

So I bought 10 new donuts.

If you put it on a plate, you can feel spring from the appearance of cherry blossoms as a whole.

Let's start with three types of 'Sakura French'.

Sakura French is based on French cruel fabric with cherry powder mixed into it.

The simplest 'Sakura French Sakura Flavor' has cherry blossom moist flavor glaze on the fabric.

When I ate it, the scent peculiar to the leaves from the glaze to the cherry blossoms spread all over my mouth, and the person who said, 'I love that taste' said 'This is it!' The light texture of the French Cruller fabric itself is slightly sweet, with a slight cherry blossom flavor. Because it was simple, it was a donut that could fully enjoy the flavor of cherry blossoms.

Next, 'Sakura French Sakura Jelly & Whip'

This has whipped cream and cherry-flavored jelly sandwiched between the doughs.

Because it has a cherry-flavored jelly, I think that it has a stronger cherry blossom feeling like a cherry French cherry flavor, but the cherry blossoms are surprisingly gentle. In comparison, the strawberry aroma of strawberry chocolate is stronger, so if you eat the part with chocolate, the presence of cherry blossoms will be considerably weaker. However, since the cherry blossoms remain softly on the aftertaste, it may be advantageous to enjoy two flavors.

The third is 'Sakura French Azuki & Whip'

This is a whip and azuki sandwiched between cherry French.

The flavor of azuki and whip is strong and the milky flavor of white chocolate covers the whole mouth, so you can feel the flavor of cherry blossoms slightly, but as a 'cherry donut' it 'is quite far away ...' I think the finish. It's the sweetest of the three, so it looks good for anyone who likes sweets anyway.

Next, let's eat three kinds of 'Sakura Mochi Donut', which is the image of Sakura Mochi

, which appeared in 2019 and was popular . It is said that the 2020 version has been further improved so that the texture is refreshing.

The first is 'Sakura Mochi Donut Sakura Flavor'.

The dough of cherry blossom donut cherry flavor is exquisite, combining the moistness of a cake with the moist texture. This also has cherry blossom flavor glaze, so you can enjoy the flavor of 'koreza cherry blossom'.

'Sakura Mochi Donut Azuki' has a white chocolate coating that was not available in the 2019 version.

Azuki between the dough. Whipped cream is not sandwiched.

Anyway, because the milky flavor of white chocolate is strong, the part with chocolate is overwhelming with chocolate and azuki. However, the part without chocolate was found on the other side of Azuki with a faint cherry flavor.

I will also try 'Cherry blossoms and donut Kinako'.

The flavor of the cherry blossoms originates mainly from the cherry blossom glaze, so the cherry blossoms without the cherry blossom glaze and the donut mushrooms are not so strong. The moment you put it in your mouth, the fragrance of the mushrooms spreads out, but as you continue to eat the sticky dough, the cherry blossoms will peek into your face later, and it has become a donut that you can enjoy cherry blossoms while being discreet.

Four new flavors from Sakura Donut Pop. The left side is 'Strawberry Chocolate Ball' and 'Old Fashion Ball Sakura Flavor' from the left, and the back side is 'Pon de Sakura Flavor Ball' and 'Kinako Angel Cream Ball'.

The old fashion ball Sakura Flavor and Pont de Sakura Flavor Ball have a cherry-flavored flavor glaze, so you can feel the small but firm cherry-flavored flavor. The old fashion ball cherry flavor is different from the

cherry blossom fashion that appeared in 2013, but it is a normal old fashion fabric, but it is close in taste, so it is also recommended for those who liked cherry blossom fashion.

The Strawberry Chocolate Ball Tokinako Angel Cream Ball has nothing to do with cherry blossoms, but I enjoyed the change in flavor as the cherry flavor continued.

The price is as follows.

Sakura is also a donut cherry flavor: 120 yen excluding tax
Cherry blossoms too donut Kinako: 120 yen excluding tax
Cherry blossoms too Azuki donut: 130 yen without tax
Sakura French Sakura flavor: 120 yen excluding tax
Sakura French Cherry Flavored Jelly & Whip: 150 yen excluding tax
Sakura French Azuki & Whip: 150 yen without tax
Pont de Sakura flavor ball: 35 yen excluding tax
Kinako Angel Cream Ball: 35 yen excluding tax
Old fashion ball cherry flavor: 35 yen excluding tax
Strawberry chocolate ball: 35 yen excluding tax

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