I tried all 4 kinds of Mr. Donut 'Sakura Mochito Donut' which is a perfect match for the cherry-flavored mochi and gorgeous cherry blossoms and the gentle sweetness of kinako sugar.

As the 'Sakura Blooming Donut Series' that Mister Donut develops every spring for a limited time, all four types of ' Sakura Mochitto Donuts ' that imaged cherry blossoms will be available from March 1, 2022 (Tuesday). It has appeared. I heard that the cherry-flavored dough was finished with a chewy texture, so I actually tried it to see what kind of taste it had.

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Arrived at Mister Donut.

I bought all 4 kinds of 'Sakura Mochitto Donuts' at once. From the upper left, there are four types: 'Sakura An', 'Sakura Leaf Flavor', 'Kinako', and 'Sakura An & Whip'.

First of all, I will try eating from ' Sakura Mochito Donut Sakura An '. (PDF file)

Calories are 271kcal per piece.

The diameter of the donut is about 8 cm.

The cherry blossom bean paste on the donut is a type of bean paste with cherry leaves, and when you bring your face closer, the gorgeous scent of cherry blossoms floats softly.

When you try it, the donut dough with a chewy texture is cherry-colored, and you can feel the flavor of cherry blossoms. The scent and sweetness of the cherry blossoms that make you feel spring, and the slightly salty sakura bean paste of the cherry blossom leaves combine to create a donut that gives the impression that you are eating sakura mochi somewhere.

Next is ' Sakura Mochito Donut Sakuraba Flavor '. The calorie is 264 kcal.

At first glance, it looks like 'Sakura Mochito Donut Sakura An', but this glaze is not anko, but a type of hardened sugar that is commonly seen.

The crispy texture of glaze is added to the chewy donut dough, and the sweetness and saltiness of the cherry blossoms are firmly felt, making it a donut that seems to be eaten crisply.

Next is ' Sakura Mochito Donut Kinako '. The calorie is 261 kcal.

The surface of the donut is sprinkled with kinako sugar.

The chewy donut dough with a slight cherry blossom flavor and sweetness goes perfectly with the kinako sugar, which you can enjoy the simple taste of kinako. It was a donut that made you feel the warm atmosphere of spring.

Finally, ' Sakura Mochito Donut Sakura An & Whip '. The calorie is 285 kcal.

White chocolate is lined on the front side sprinkled with donut sugar ...

The donut dough is divided into upper and lower parts, and whipped cream and sakura bean paste with sakura leaves are sandwiched.

When I try to eat it, the mellow sweetness of the whipped cream enhances the gorgeous aroma and the taste of the slightly salty sakura bean paste. The crispy texture of white chocolate was also a nice accent.

All four types of 'Sakura Mochitto Donuts' can be purchased at Mister Donuts nationwide except for some stores for a limited time from March 1, 2022 (Tuesday) to the end of March. The price is 162 yen including take-out tax for 'Sakura Mochitto Donut Sakura An' / 165 yen including eat-in tax, 140 yen including take-out tax for 'Sakura Mochitto Donut Sakuraba Flavor' / 143 yen including eat-in tax, and 'Sakura Mochitto Donut Kinako' including take-out tax. 140 yen / 143 yen including eat-in tax, 'Sakura Mochitto Donut Sakura An & Whip' is 162 yen including take-out tax / 165 yen including eat-in tax.

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