A tasting review of all 5 types of 'Blooming Matcha' series for a limited time, in which Mister Donut and Gion Tsujiri fused 'Matcha and Sakuramochi'

On Friday, March 12, 2021, Mister Donut will offer five types of 'Blooming Matcha ' series, which was jointly developed with

Kyoto's Uji tea specialty store 'Gion Tsujiri ' under the theme of 'coloring cherry blossoms and matcha'. It is offered for a limited time from. It is said that the combination of Mister Donut's spring staple 'Sakura Donut' and Gion Tsujiri's Ichiban Picked Uji Matcha is finished in a sweet with the image of Sakuramochi, so I actually tried it and checked it.

misdo meets Gion Tsujiri Blooming Matcha | New Products | Mister Donut

I came to Mister Donut.

The blooming matcha series was appealing at the banner hanging over the store.

That's why I ordered a set of all 5 types of blooming matcha series (1000 yen including tax) as a takeout. It was handed in a paper bag with the words 'misdo meets Ujicha Gion Tsujiri' in dark green, which is reminiscent of matcha. Each sweet was packaged individually, and there was an explanation saying, 'The color of matcha in this product is the original color of matcha. It is protected by a package because it fades when exposed to light.'

When you take it out of the package and arrange it on a plate, it looks like this. The left is 'Sakura Mochi Donut' 'Sakura Anfu' 'Uji Matcha Whip' 'Uji Matcha Chocolate', and the right is 'Warabimochi Sakura An & Uji Matcha Whip' 'Warabimochi Sakura & Uji Matcha Whip'.

' Sakura Mochito Donut Sakura An Kaze ' has white chocolate and pale pink Sakura An paste glaze from the top.

In addition, Uji matcha chocolate is also topped.

When I cut it with a kitchen knife, the dough has a sakura mochi flavor, and the cross section is pink.

When I tried it, the dough was chewy, and it was just halfway between the chewy texture of Pon de Ring and the crispy texture of old fashion. The white chocolate part has a crispy texture. The moment you eat it, you can feel the scent of cherry blossom leaves and the sweetness of white chocolate spreads throughout your mouth.

' Sakura Mochito Donut Sakura Whip Style ' is topped with white chocolate and has a cherry-colored hail on top of it.

In addition, Uji matcha whipped cream is sandwiched in the donuts.

If you look at the cross section, you can see that pink and green overlap nicely. When I try to eat it, the part covered with white chocolate is sweet, but the other parts are not so sweet. 'Sakura whip style' uses the same dough as 'Sakura An style' and has a chewy texture, but the sweetness is relatively modest, so you can feel the cherry blossom flavor of the dough. Uji matcha whipped cream is mellow and does not have much bitterness peculiar to matcha, but the faint scent of matcha comes out of your nose after eating.

' Sakura Mochitto Donut Uji Matcha Chocolate ' is coated with Uji Matcha Chocolate and topped with white chocolate and cherry-colored hail.

Looking at the cross section, the green Uji matcha chocolate contains pink chewy dough, which looks like sakura mochi. The cherry-colored hail has a slight saltiness, and the crispy texture is a nice accent. In addition, the Uji matcha chocolate is applied to the whole, giving the impression that you can clearly enjoy the unique aroma and bitterness of matcha compared to the other two types of cherry blossoms.

' Warabimochi Sakura An & Uji Matcha Whipped Cream ' has plenty of white chocolate on top.

There was a cut, so when I opened it, I found a dark pink cherry blossom bean paste, a green Uji matcha whipped cream, and a warabimochi with soybean flour. The fabric was fluffy and pink, reminiscent of cherry blossoms.

The warabimochi inside is very soft, and when you lift it, it stretches. When you try it, the flavor of kinako and the faint sweetness of warabimochi spread in your mouth, and the flavor of sakura bean paste remains as a lingering finish. The dough is fluffy, so the texture is different from the chewy dough of the three types of sakura mochi and donuts, and the warabimochi sakuraan and Uji matcha whipped sweets have a completely Japanese atmosphere.

The dough of 'Warabimochi Sakura & Uji Matcha Whip ' is coated with Uji Matcha chocolate.

Light pink cherry whipped cream, green Uji matcha whipped cream, and soft warabimochi are sandwiched inside.

Because it is a double whip of cherry blossoms and Uji matcha, the sweetness is suppressed compared to cherry blossom bean paste, so this 'warabimochi cherry blossoms & Uji matcha whip' has a stronger flavor that is typical of cherry blossoms. You can feel the slight bitterness and aroma of Uji matcha, but the sweetness of chocolate and whipped cream is even stronger. In the fluffy dough and whipped cream, the texture of warabimochi is added.

The Blooming Matcha series is available at Mister Donut stores nationwide for a limited time from March 12, 2021 to mid-April. The price is 180 yen excluding tax for 'Sakura Mochito Donut Sakura Anfu', 'Sakura Mochito Donut Uji Matcha Chocolate', 'Sakura Mochito Donut Uji Matcha Whip', 'Warabimochi Sakura An & Uji Matcha Whip', 'Warabimochi Sakura & 'Uji Matcha Whip' is 200 yen excluding tax. In addition, you can purchase a set of 3 types for 600 yen including tax, and a set of 5 types for 1000 yen including tax.

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