I have eaten `` Amaou strawberries and mascarpone Mont Blanc from Fukuoka '' which carefully expresses the sweet and sour taste of Amaou in Montblanc with Kappa sushi

In recent years, revolving sushi has focused on non-sushi menus such as

authentic ramen and sweets, and many people have become accustomed to the sight of freshly brewed coffee and parfait flowing from the revolving lane. Should be. Perfect (?) In the caulking of such sushi, it is a brand strawberry representative Amaou that it appeared from Gakappa sushi 'Mont Blanc of Fukuoka Prefecture Ameo cormorants strawberries and mascarpone' Suites using, has been eaten immediately .

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I came to Kappa sushi.

The 'Feast Montblanc' series, in which Kappa Sushi started on the sushi lane in February, was appealing. The feast Montblanc series begins with the first 'Mont Blanc of Amaou Strawberry and Mascarpone from Fukuoka Prefecture', and new Montblanc will appear one after another every month.

I found 'Amaou Strawberry and Mascarpone Mont Blanc from Fukuoka Prefecture' (300 yen excl. Tax) on 'Limited Time 2' electronic order panel.

In about one or two minutes after placing an order, the 'Amaou Strawberry and Mascarpone Mont Blanc' from Fukuoka arrived on the rails.

This is 'Amaou Strawberry and Mascarpone Mont Blanc from Fukuoka'. Although it is Mont Blanc, chestnuts are not particularly used, and as the name suggests, it is a cake made with Amaou. The white grit on the surface is white chocolate powder.

Compared to the size of the raw wasabi pack on the table, it is about this size.

Freeze-dried raspberry topped on pink cream.

When I try to eat it, the pink Montblanc cream on the surface has firmly the sourness of the strawberry, and reproduces the taste of fruits that are not only sweet. There is a sponge at the bottom of the cake, so overall it looks like a strawberry cake with a lot of strawberry and creaminess.

Under the pink Mont Blanc cream, cream using mascarpone from Hokkaido is packed, and eating this together with Mont Blanc cream adds a moderate milky, and the whole taste is too close to strawberry and sourness Not to be. In addition, although the surface was coated with white chocolate powder, I did not actually eat and feel white chocolate.

Amaou sauce was sandwiched between Mont Blanc cream and mascarpone cream.

In addition, 'Mont Blanc of Amaou Strawberry and Mascarpone from Fukuoka Prefecture' is 300 yen excluding tax and is sold for a limited time until March 15, 2020.

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