Drinking dessert 'Guru Kuru' tasting review that fused Ministop's soft serve ice cream and sweets

With the aim of breaking new ground in 'soft serve', which is the signature product of MINISTOP, we have started offering 'Guru Kuru', a dessert with a new sensation that you can mix and drink with Guru. In the first installment, 'Drinking chocolate banana ' with banana flavored milk pudding and rich banana puree and 'Drinking strawberry apricot ' with smooth texture of almond tofu and strawberry sauce with pulp appeared, so I actually tried it.

Enjoy at home ♪ New proposal for dessert using soft serve 'Guru Kuru', a new type of 'drinkable dessert', is now available for the first time! 'Drinking chocolate banana' 'Drinking strawberry almond' debuted on April 9th (Friday) at the time of 2 dishes!
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That's why I came to Ministop.

At the store, posters and banners were lined up to appeal the two new types of Guru Kuru.

Order immediately. The two Guru Kuru were served in just over 5 minutes from the order.

First of all, I will try drinking from 'Drinking Chocolate Banana' (398 yen excluding tax).

The chocolate banana to drink is a dessert with layers of banana puree with pulp and banana-style milk pudding. For banana puree, a variety called 'Kuruai Home (banana scented in Japanese)' from Thailand is used.

The upper side is topped with soft serve ice cream with two types of chocolate sauce, 'melting chocolate sauce' and 'hardening crispy chocolate sauce'. The calorie is 389 kcal.

Guru Kuru is said to be 'a dessert that you mix and drink with Guru,' so I'll actually mix it. Just squeeze the attached straw ...

Stir with gurguru. When stirred, the elastic banana-like milk pudding had a feeling of collapsing, creating a gradation in appearance from the side. Regarding the number of times to mix, it was said in the sales promotion announcement in the store that 'it is delicious to mix and drink about 30 times.'

When I actually drank it, a rich banana puree with a smoothie-like texture and a banana-like milk pudding with pull-ups flowed into my mouth at the same time. Part of the soft serve ice cream melts together and you can feel the milky sweetness, probably because you mixed it many times, but with the rich banana flavor that is comparable to that, you can still enjoy the taste of banana.

When I try the soft serve ice cream, which is the signature dessert of Ministop on the top, the taste and smoothness are as if the milk was creamed as it is. The two types of chocolate sauce were rich but not too sweet and matched well with the sweet soft serve ice cream.

Next, I will drink 'Drinking Strawberry Annin' (398 yen excluding tax).

The body consists of almond tofu and strawberry sauce with pulp.

Strawberry sauce with pulp is enough to cover the soft serve ice cream on the top side. The calorie is 347 kcal.

Then it's time to actually drink. This is also a straw slap ...

When mixed well, the red of the strawberry and the white of the almond tofu, which had been separated, became a mixed color.

When you drink it, the sour strawberry taste like strawberry jam, which you can feel in the smooth texture of almond tofu, has an outstanding impact. Perhaps because of the shade, there is a part where the strawberry sauce is so thick that you sometimes feel that you are drinking strawberry jam as it is, and the taste changes every time you drink, so you will not get tired of it. The almond tofu has a crunchy texture, but occasionally I also felt the crunchy texture of the strawberry seeds.

The sour strawberry and the milky and sweet soft serve ice cream are the best match. The taste of either strawberry, soft serve ice cream, or almond tofu was not too strong, and it was a sweet with a good balance.

Ministop 'Gurukuru Drinking Chocolate Banana' and 'Drinking Strawberry Annin' will be available for purchase at Ministop nationwide from April 9, 2021 (Friday).

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