Ministop's "condensed strawberry parfait" exquisite balance of acidity and sweetness

In December 2014Fondant ChocolatMinistop, which released a soft cream of a signboard product from January 23 (Fri)Strawberry paraffin condensedWe released the. I used plenty of strawberries and went to a shop to eat a variety of tastes that I can enjoy at once.

Milky strawberry parfait | Sweets | MINISTOP

Arrived at Ministop.

Appeal new items even at the store's head climb.

After entering the shop and going to the cashier ......

Discovered condensed strawberry parfait (340 yen including tax). I will order it at once.

Waiting The parfa arrives in about three minutes.

Strawberries are arranged to surround the soft cream when seen from the top.

There are plenty of strawberries at the bottom.

Strawberries were frozen and white condensed milk was also applied.

It seems that strawberry sauce is also applied. I will eat it at once.

The frozen strawberries are slightly melted, not a tick but a sharp texture, but the sourness is conspicuous, but the sweetness of condensed milk is added and it feels nice. Because the condensed milk is easy to see, it seems that the mouth does not become too heavy.

When I eat strawberries with a soft cream, sweetness is added, making it sweet and sour taste. Eggs and cream are used in soft cream and it is rich so it seems to be perfect for eating in a cold season.

Eating up to the bottom ... ...

Plenty of strawberries. Although the speed at which the soft cream melts is somewhat faster, a combination of cream and strawberry can be enjoyed altogether.

In addition, condensed strawberry parfait has been sold for a limited time.

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