I tried to see if McDonald's 'sly chocolate strawberry pie', which is made by wrapping hot chocolate and strawberries in crispy pie dough, is really sly.

From Monday, March 8, 2021, McDonald's sweets menu will feature 'Sly Chocolate Strawberry Pie, ' which is a pie crust filled with strawberry filling containing chocolate sauce and pulp. The harmony between McDonald's first chocolate and strawberry is so good that it makes me feel 'sly', so I actually tried it.

Fruit pie first chocolate and strawberry sly combination 'sly chocolate strawberry pie' will be on sale for a limited time from March 8th (Monday) McDonald's Japan


'Sly chocolate strawberry pie' is now available for a limited time! | McDonald's Japan

Arrived at McDonald's.

I found a new sweet 'Sly chocolate strawberry pie' on the counter menu, so I ordered it immediately.

So I bought it and came back.

If you pull the knob along the cut line of the package ...

I was able to take the left half of the package to make it easier to eat. The puff pastry has a reddish tint, perhaps in the image of strawberries.

If you halve the pie ...

'Chocolate sauce' and 'strawberry filling', which are divided into two colors, flow out from the inside.

The hot strawberry filling is moderately sweet and sour, and goes well with chocolate sauce that has a gentle taste like hot milk cocoa. Thanks to the lack of sharp acidity and chocolate bitterness peculiar to strawberries, you can enjoy the royal combination of 'strawberry & chocolate' in an exquisite balance, so sweets that make you think 'It's sly because there is no such unsuitable haze!' It was finished in.

McDonald's 'Sly Chocolate Strawberry Pie' can be ordered for a limited time from March 8th (Monday) to the end of April 2021 and the price is 130 yen including tax.

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