McDonald's 'Triangular Choco Pie Puff Pastry Custard' Tasting Review with Elegant Sweetness and Melty Custard Cream Wrapped in Crispy Pie Dough

From McDonald's, the first appearance of ' Triangle Choco Pie Good Bari Custard ' and the classic ' Triangle Choco Pie Black ' appeared on October 13, 2021 (Wednesday). Two kinds of egg custard and milk custard are wrapped in pie dough kneaded with white chocolate, so I tried the autumn / winter limited sweets.

The autumn-winter tradition 'season of triangular choco pie' has arrived! Triangular Choco Pie First Custard 'Triangular Choco Pie Good Bari Custard' Introducing

I bought the new 'Triangle Choco Pie Good Bari Custard (150 yen including tax)' and 'Triangle Choco Pie Black (135 yen including tax)' for comparison. The package has a squirrel motif, and the design is such that you can see the triangular choco pie inside from the ears of the squirrel.

I tried arranging two types of triangular choco pies side by side. The puff pastry of 'Good Bari Custard (left)' is baked in a golden brown color, and the 'black (right)' is baked in a dark brown color.

I compared the sizes of the two types of triangular choco pies side by side with the transportation IC card.

I was curious about the contents, so I cut the 'Knife Custard' with a knife and looked at the cross section. You can see white custard cream in the layered puff pastry.

When you try 'Frequently Custard', you can feel the flavor of eggs and the aroma of sweet milk from the thick custard cream. Before eating, I thought, 'I think it's pretty sweet because I'm using custard,' but the amount of custard cream inside is exquisite, and although it's sweet, it's not sticky and sticky, and it's elegant. light. The crispy surface of the puff pastry and the cream-softened puff pastry have different textures, which is also an accent. The editorial staff who tasted it also said, 'I felt that the pie crust and cream were more compatible than the chocolate-based' black '' and 'the quality did not seem to be 150 yen including tax.'

'Triangular Choco Pie Good Bari Custard' and 'Triangular Choco Pie Black' have been available at McDonald's stores nationwide since October 13, 2021.

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