I tried ``Triangular Choco Pie Yokubari Strawberry'' where you can eat double strawberries with strawberry jam and strawberry chocolate cream

A new “ Triangular Choco Pie Yokubari Strawberry ” has been added to McDonald's sweets for a limited time from November 9, 2022 (Wednesday). It's a hot sweet that sandwiches flavorful strawberry chocolate cream and strawberry jam between pie dough, so I actually tried to eat what it tastes like.

Strawberry-flavored strawberry chocolate cream and jam taste “Triangular chocolate pie Yokubari strawberry”


I took out 'triangular chocolate pie' at McDonald's.

This time, in addition to the 'Triangle Chocolate Pie Yokubari Strawberry', I also bought the standard ' Triangle Chocolate Pie Black '.

The package of 'Triangular Choco Pie Yokubari Strawberry' is designed with 'a bear that has food debris around its mouth because it stuffed its mouth with pie'.

Taking out the contents looks like this. It's a nice triangle.

'Triangular chocolate pie Yokubari strawberry (top)' is the same size as 'Triangular chocolate pie black (bottom)' and fits in the palm of your hand.

When I held it with both hands and pulled it, the fabric cracked with a crisp dry sound, and a thick sauce oozed out from inside. You can see two types of sauce, red jam and pink chocolate cream.

When you eat it, the sweet and sour jam and smooth chocolate cream spread on your tongue, and the rich aroma of strawberries fills your mouth. Because the strawberry flavor drifts from the pie dough, I was able to taste the strawberry until the very end of swallowing the dough.

On the other hand, the classic every year is 'Triangular Choco Pie Black'. Because it contains chocolate cream, you can feel a firm sweetness, but the sweetness is suppressed compared to 'Triangular chocolate pie Yokubari strawberry'. ``Triangle chocolate pie black'' has a rich and rich sweetness like a chocolate drink, and ``Triangle chocolate pie Yokubari strawberry'' has a distinct sweetness that can be said to be sweet.

The price of `` Triangular Choco Pie Yokubari Strawberry '' is 160 yen including tax, and will be sold at McDonald's nationwide from November 9, 2022 (Wednesday) to late November 2022, excluding some stores.

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